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Horseluver10 01-15-2013 08:50 PM

How to prepare for a horse show
1. Bath your horse the day before really well
2. Braid your horses mane and tail over night and put a slinky, blanket or sheet on and a tail bag.
3. Clean all tack
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faye 01-16-2013 04:26 AM

sorry but what is the point of this thread.
The above advice is nothing new or interesting. Infact number 2 is incorrect as a lot of horses will rub out plait over night so it is better to plait in the morning. In some disciplines plaiting is not nessecary and in some disciplines you'd get laughed out of the ring if you plaited a tail

ThoroughbredJumper 01-16-2013 01:17 PM

The point of this thread is... unseen. This "list" only shows things that you should do on a regular basis anyways. (except for that tail nonsense) Sooooo you have 2 points of "you should do this" that everyone should keep tabs on anyways even when they are not showing.

If you read this and think there are ONLY "3" things to do to "prepare" for a horse show... I don't think you're ready to show properly..

beau159 01-16-2013 01:27 PM

This seems to look like a "repeat" member. I believe She's been banned several times already. There's a bunch of posts like this on another horse forum that also don't make any sense, so I assume its the same person.

Not sure if she's trying to create a discussion here about what everyone does to get ready for a show, or if she's just trying to be knowledgable (which is clearly not complete).
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Horseluver10 01-17-2013 11:59 PM

I braid my horses main and tail over night so it is curly in the morning for the show
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alexischristina 01-18-2013 02:02 AM

I wasn't aware curly was desirable in a mane? :wink:

faye 01-18-2013 02:42 AM

curly manesand tails would get you marked down in some disciplines.

Phly 01-18-2013 02:46 AM

And in others they add colors and sparkles and what have you's.
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Horseluver10 01-18-2013 03:09 AM

These are very broad examples i thought you guys were smart enough to read betweem the lines
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faye 01-18-2013 04:04 AM

read between what lines? you came on and posted stuff that most horsey 4yr old children know. you give no context to your "advice" and half of your "advice" is wrong anyway.

Please do elaborate on which disciplines like curly manes?

Preparing a horse for a show begins at least 6 months in advance of the show sometimes up to a year before hand. and is a heck of a lot more involved then "give your horse a bath"

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