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Lonestar22 01-16-2013 12:02 AM

Jumpers conformation?
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So, I have the chance to take jumping lessons with my mare. I don't plan on doing anything big or extravagant. Maybe some low level showing if I have the money.

But I was wondering about her conformation as a jumper. Would she make a decent jumper?

blue eyed pony 01-16-2013 12:20 AM

Well she won't go grand prix, but for low to mid level stuff she should be fine.

She is level, which is good [or MAYBE slightly downhill, but I'm more tempted to say level], and her front legs are reasonable. Her neck set is a tad low for jumping, but acceptable, and considering she's an appy [right? she looks like one, and it's more than just the colour] not unexpected. I absolutely LOVE her hip size and angle, her shoulder is a teeny bit upright in the one pic but sloped in the other [slightly upright is actually a good thing in a jumping horse]. I really like her lovely short cannons too. And, AWESOME colour!

Now for the bad.

She has quite a long back. Her shoulder is a little bit closed, her hind legs are quite posty [this will limit her scope]. Her front pasterns might be a tiny bit too sloped. Her LS joint looks like it's a teeny bit far back and her loin might be a bit long and possibly weak.

Overall she looks like a good sound using horse, but will need to be conditioned carefully to make sure those front pasterns don't cause issues [then again my gelding's pasterns are very upright, so it might just be a matter of what I'm used to]. I don't see any reason you couldn't jump her.

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