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JustWingIt 01-17-2013 07:42 PM

Flying Colors
I put this in Horse Shows but I thought I'd put it here to get some expert opinions!

Ok, so first of all, so proud of my thread title right now :lol:

This summer I'm doing our local (Maine/Massachusetts/New Hampshire) H/J circuit, I'm doing a couple different hunter divisions and puddle jumpers (2'6"). So for locally rated shows how 'color coordinated' do you think I should be? My gelding is brownish/dark bay/buckskin depending on how sun bleached he gets :lol:

My geldings colors are navy/hunter green/white so seeing as how that's not like lime green I don't think I could go overboard(?)

So I was thinking:
I have this pad:
I want to get this, its navy with small crystals and I LOVE it, just a little bit of sparkle :)

Now my question is, is that enough or should I do colored polos too? Or would that be too much? If I did do colored polos what color do you think I should do?

Oops that was more than one question :lol:

Oh! Heres a couple pictures of my boy!
Hes a badass brown so he changes color a lot!

Passion4Horses 01-20-2013 01:12 AM

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For the hunter classes, I would stick with a white pad. For the jumper classes I like the classic colors like navy, hunter green, white, and burgundy, and matching polos would be cute! Good luck on your showing : )

NBEventer 01-21-2013 09:51 AM

Colour saddle pads and fly bonnets are a huge no no in hunters. Hunters stick to a simple white SHAPED saddle pad.

As for jumpers. Polos are dangerous for jumping. Jumping in polos is just a big fat no no.

In regards to a coloured saddle pad and bonnet. I personally do not like colour saddle pads in jumpers. But thats a personal thing on my end. The saddle pad you picked is nice though and should I go with a coloured one it would be something subtle such as a navy blue or black. Bonnets are okay though, I use a navy one and am getting a navy one with crystal embellishments.

Good luck this summer :-)

JustWingIt 01-21-2013 10:14 AM

Haha I know hunters have to have the white pad, see the last picture? :)
Hmm I guess I should have worked it out on my own that you shouldn't jump in polos, but thanks Nbeventer. I guess I'll just stick to the pad and bonnet that I posted....they go together well.
And thanks! I'm hoping for a good season! :)
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