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howrsegirl123 01-18-2013 10:47 PM

Horse personalities
Here you can share all about you horse/horses personalities! Are they introverted/extroverted, challenging, social, aloof...any weird quirks...just curious to hear about different personalities!
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Breezy2011 01-18-2013 10:56 PM

My 2 year old likes to lick anything she can get her tongue on! Even metal gates in winter! She will lick vehicles, people, dogs, cats, other horses, buckets, chairs, etc.

She also thinks she is the centre of attention, and when I am with another horse, or somebody else is with another horse, she doesn't like that. If I am in the pen, leading another horse, she will come and boot him/her. Or when I am out in the open, with someone leading another horse infront, she gets really pushy, or if I am in front, she will try to kick.

I am working on this though and she has gotten a little better, but we are still working on respect and trust. She is only 2 and still learning.

I am getting a trainer out sometime in the next week or two, and I am ignoring her when I go out, and not interacting with her at all, I go straight to the other horses.

I guess you could also call her challenging, funny, and goofy.

howrsegirl123 01-18-2013 11:02 PM

I have a mare that will lick you too! But she's also challenging and headstrong. But she's very charming and I love her. :)
My gelding is sweet, somewhat social, and he picks up ANYTHING in his mouth! Coke cans, bags, bottles, gloves...he's very comical! Very laid back and happy go lucky.
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howrsegirl123 01-18-2013 11:03 PM

Our colt is a bit aloof sometimes and VERY social. He's a bit stubborn but nothing bothers him. He's so cute :)
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HorseLovinLady 01-18-2013 11:18 PM

Out of "my" three horse friends Bonnie is kinda shy around adults until she gets to know you, but loves any and every kid she meets. Cheyenne is very loving and doesn't meet a stranger. Tequila is loving but is sassy at times, but will love on kids all day long and she is also a licker.

MysterySparrow 01-18-2013 11:21 PM

My TB, Caesar, is a Baby Huey all the way. Long legs that he is not always quite sure what to do with, very sweet and lovey, but has personal space issues we are working on (i.e. he has no concept of it!). Honest and trusting, but my trainer and I pick on him about being too slow between the ears to have an opinion. This makes the poor boy a pushover in the pasture.

Zanna, my coming 3yo filly, is a princess and a social butterfly. Anyone you will give her a treat or scratch her is her best friend of the moment. She is very possessive and will run poor Caesar off of the water bucket, the gate, me, the hay feeder and even a tree she doesn't even like to stand under. She will pretend to be a pistol if it gets her out of work, but she really just wants to be lazy.

mtngrl7500 01-19-2013 12:00 AM

Dora, Arab mare...I'm always comparing her to Scarlet O'Hara. She is a fiery redhead, very sweet when she wants something, sulls when she doesn't get her way, always seems aghast at the smallest inconveniences, and always a lady. She definitely has a snooty air about her.

Mr. Big, Arab gelding...very aloof to the point of being a clutz. I have never ridden a horse that was a chore to ride at the walk, but that is him. He seems to always have his head in the clouds, but he's the sweetest guy and very loving.

Kid, QH gelding...he's grumpy, but not mean. He can be a bit headstrong and very, very sneaky. Most horses you can read their body language and know what they will do next, him, you have to watch his eyes. He gets a twinkle to them when he's about to act out.

HorseCrazyTeen 01-19-2013 03:05 AM

My Tennessee Walker is sweet natured, but stubborn and headstrong, and very jealous of other horses when I'm paying attention to them and not her! Once when I was roundpenning a mini while she was tied to the outside of the roundpen. She stepped onto the railroad ties surrounding the roundpen with her front legs and and put her head over the top and snorted and nickered and pawed, ect., ect. She backed off of them as soon as I came to her, and started up as soon as I left. :-|

One funny thing she does is chase birds and dogs. One time I was doing groundwork with her in the roundpen and the guineas kept coming back into it for whatever reason. (Guineas aren't exactly blessed with brains.) Every time they came back in she was ON them suckers faster than a blink, with her ears flat back and head down. It was pretty funny. As soon as they left the roundpen she went right back to work.

Actually, one of my minis chased a dog, too. The dog was trying to herd her and the other minis, so she turned right around and chased that terrified dog back to it's pen. Imagine a tiny mini chasing a Blue Heeler! And that was actually a mean Heeler, too. No other horse had done that, and you get this teeny little gal chasing the ole bully across the place... hahahaha.

My TWH will lick my hand, too. I've let her drink pop out of my hands and since that first time she's licked instead of sniff or lip. I've grossed out a few people with it, hehe.

waresbear 01-19-2013 03:16 AM

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We invented a game, which celebrity best describes your horse? My horse is a clown so he would be Jim Carrey, hubby's horse is tough & macho so he is "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson, my daughter's mare is all prissy, so we decided she is Paris Hilton. Feel free to play this game but if any of your horses are like Charlie Sheen, get off immediately!
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jinx1990 01-19-2013 03:42 AM

My girl Scars (Scarlett) thinks she's a queen! She taught herself to ground tie-but only if she can hold the lead or reins in her mouth! If I don't hand them to her she won't stand still. She always eats with her ears pinned back. She hates dogs, but her best friend is a wolf cross. When you tell her she's a 'good girl' or 'pretty girl' she preens-arch's her neck and prances a little. When she's acting up and tell her she's being a B**** she gives me her best mare glare. She's a grumpy girl but I have never seen so much personality packed into one horse!

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