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Breella 01-19-2013 02:15 AM

The importance of stall locks...
every day up until now I have done a check before leaving of stall doors. Tonight I didn't. I also didn't put the lid on the grain pail properly and I i almost didn't check the camera before going to bed. My mother in law's horse Kitty found her door was unlatched after about 8 hours (I don't know how she didn't realize it sooner, or how two other people who stood in front of the doors didn't notice it.)

Ignore the yellow box, it's the motion sensor.

After a few minutes Topaz decided that he didn't like her eating his food.

she was only out for about 45 minutes, and only eating for about 30 minutes of that time but she possibly ate about 12lbs of Nutrena Stock and Stable pellet. :-(

I'm so mad at myself for not checking the door.

Country Woman 01-19-2013 02:25 AM

you should always double check the lock and make sure the lids
are on the pail

is the horse ok

Breella 01-19-2013 02:29 AM

She's ok. The BO or her husband go every few hours to check on all of the horses water and the first horse out goes out at 5am and their owner checks on everyone. I'll also be making camera checks to look for signs of colic. I always check-- I don't know why I didn't check tonight.

natisha 01-19-2013 06:48 AM

It happens. We get so used to a routine that we don't even think about it. Many times I've gone back to the barn to check on something I didn't remember doing but had done.
For a while I was thinking I didn't secure the latches only to find my sheep, who roams the aisle at night, was flipping them up. I now have little snaps to prevent it.

I'm glad no harm was done.

Breella 01-19-2013 09:08 AM

So far no signs of colic. I'll keep everyone updated through the day.

mvinotime 01-19-2013 09:45 AM

UGH I know that feeling :( I have done that before also, I had been talking on phone and hurrying and thought I locked it. Luckily all they got into was the baled hay so they didnt get too much but they were out all night. When I built my new barn I remedied this as all my stalls open into a large concrete breezeway with a large gravel run entrance that is all fenced and gated and my feed room is totally separate and locked behind its own door, the breezeway and run never have ANYthing left in them so they would be in for some serious boredom if they got out here now lol Hope the mare is ok and didnt get too awful much. Fingers crossed.

LikeaTB 01-19-2013 12:06 PM

I've got some pretty funny stories about stall locks....
There is a mini at our barn named Peanut (he is ADORABLE!) and he learned to unlock his stall by pawing at the stall door which loosens the latch and if he paws enough it will shake the latch out the hole. We now have the snap a bolt that was cut off from a lead rope around it. When they first got Peanut, they had to cut the stall door because it was too tall and he could only put his nose on the top of it! It was so cute!

And one time my barn owner was training a horse named Bud, and he had the stall at the end, which at the time had the latch that was easy to move, and he kept getting out! At some kind of event at the barn, I think it was a birthday party, one of the parents walked into the barn isle from the round pen to see him out of his stall eating the hay on the floor!

LadyDreamer 01-19-2013 12:29 PM

At least she didn't go through and let everyone else out. We have had a few horses escape and let their companions out too.

We had some dude walk through our barn and flip every stall latch up. Only a couple of geldings and our nicest stud colt got out. They get along well enough. Luckily they missed our older stallions stall. His door blends into the wall in the dark.
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LikeaTB 01-19-2013 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by LadyDreamer (Post 1851486)
We had some dude walk through our barn and flip every stall latch up. Only a couple of geldings and our nicest stud colt got out. They get along well enough. Luckily they missed our older stallions stall. His door blends into the wall in the dark.
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A guy went in there at night and just opened all the stalls? What and idiot!

At my barn there is a big ol' Friesian gelding who was a stud 6 months before my BO bought him, and they haven't had time to finish his training. My instructor broke her foot when she was training a barrel horse and the owners didn't tell her the mare goes crazy on her cycle. She fell on my instructor and broke her foot. Anyways, the Friesian, Bacchus, one night he got out (I can't remember how). They said it was scary to have a big horse running around in the middle of the night who sometimes can be aggressive (the were trying to sell him last year because they couldn't get anywhere in his training; while training sometimes he would accept being corrected and other times he would retaliate, still had studdy behavior). I would be scared too!

Thunderspark 01-19-2013 01:38 PM

HAHAHA well get this, a couple years ago I went for a ride on my mare by myself, I came back, took her saddle off/bridle and then came in. In the evening before I went out to feed the horses their supper I noticed a horse out in the yard LOL I forgot to put her back in the pasture!!!! Good thing she sticks around because I do let the horses out in the yard but who knows what I was thinking that day!

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