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misscrimsongold 09-22-2008 10:53 AM

Considering buying a horse but he has a chip in his hock
There is a horse at my best friends barn, she originally bought him for herself but they don't quite "click" he is a 16.1 hh bay TB the papers say he was never raced but we don't know 100% for sure if this is true. however, after purchase (from an auction in thurmont maryland) we discovered he has a big chip in his hock (the farrier found it) he moves nicely though but if he stands around the chip settles and he has to push past it which causes him pain at least i think. the farrier said that surgery could remove the chip and he'd be okay.
I went to the barn to see him and for whatever reason we "clicked" immediately, now i'm really considering buying him, all i would have to pay for is his surgery, shoes, and board (not a problem i can afford the board)

since I work at the barn with her the board would only be about $50 a month. And the farrier with trimming and shoes i think she said would be $60 (he only needs two shoes)

My big question is this, what would the cost be approximately of the surgery to have the chip removed?

I'm very interested in him he's an amazing horse, and if the only major cost is going to be the surgery I'm more than willing to buy him. I just want to know how much i'm looking at in the long run.

thank you for any help!

my2geldings 09-22-2008 01:21 PM

You should contact your local vet clinic to see what they give for quote. Every area is going to be different.

As for purchasing the horse, I think that's a personal decision you need to make. If the horse is what you are looking for and for an appropriate price for the injury he has then go for it. I personally would not do it simply because I wouldn't be interested in taking the risk of other complications or other hidden injuries he might have (if he has a chip, who knows what else might hidden you don't know about yet).

You are without a doubt taking a risk but I think you need to look at the pros and cons. Make sure there are no other horses around that would resemble what it is you are looking for. A horse that might be similar minus the injury. Just think of it this way, there was a reason he ended up in auction.

KANSAS_TWISTER 09-27-2008 04:39 AM

yes contacting a vet wou be a gppd idea ... but if it's to much consider calling a vet school where is can be half the price

.A.j. 09-27-2008 08:55 AM

I agree with Kansas, we've had a lot of good experiences with the vet schools in the area.
If you call a school in your area they'd be able to fill you in.

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