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KeroKero 01-20-2013 10:44 AM

Unusual "growth"? Also frog length question
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Hello everyone!

So my horse in the last month and a half has had this strange, horn like... I don't know. circle. On his front right hoof (see pictures). Last time my trimmer was out, she said she was going to leave it, and let it "protect whatever it is it's protecting". But it's been a month now, he's due for a trim this weekend, I feel there's no point leaving this on anymore, especially since when you go to pick his foot now, he pulls it away immediately so it must be sore. He isn't limping at all, and is lunging/riding fine though I only lunge for about 10 min and ride for about 30 in this cold. What are your experienced eyes looking at here, do you figure? An abscess? bizarrely overgrown monster bar?

Overall lately I'm not 100% impressed with the trims he gets and am about ready to start doing it myself - god knows I've studied enough, but his being draft feet there isn't a ton of draft specific info out there. So the other question I had were about his frogs - are they stretched forward (like his toe is) ? Or do drafts tend to have long frogs? His basically never get trimmed/cleaned up, and I think I'm going to start doing that to try to back it up a bit.

All thoughts and ideas welcome on his hooves, this is the same horse as this one if that helps anything.

Here is the real problem hoof, front right. See the big horny bulge (haha) on the top side:

Attachment 126299

Compare that to his front left:

Attachment 126300

And just for added opinion gathering, his side and front shots:

Attachment 126301
Attachment 126302

Trinity3205 01-20-2013 11:13 AM

Its overgrown bar and probably some retained sole. It should be trimmed back and cleaned up to match the other side. There will probably be bruising on the sole underneath it.

KeroKero 01-20-2013 11:19 AM

That is really what I'd like it to be. Have you seen something like this before? One bar just.. whoops! and out grows the others by leaps and bounds like that? I know his bars are left too long anyway but it just seems so odd that one would grow like that.

Then maybe I'll go knife it away myself before his trim to relieve any immediate discomfort. I need a hoof stand in a bad way XD

Sherian 01-20-2013 12:42 PM

I had an all steel hoof stand made by my local welder. Indestructable and cost about $60 as opposed to $300 for a Hoof Jack. Where abouts in Manitoba are you - you are welcome to stop in and look at it for design inspiration?
I will at times leave a toe callous if there is any chance of laminitis or pedal oestitis but overgrown bars are pretty safe to trim back. If you are in my area I would be happy to swing by and give you my 2c opinion.

KeroKero 01-20-2013 05:11 PM

I saw a hoof stand on amazon for about $60, I think I will order it :) Build some strong back muscles to show off this summer ahahaha. Well, I'm going to try to slice whatever it is back, treat it as though it's bar and see what happens. Worst case scenario it is an abscess, which would need draining anyway and what better time than when he's standing in clean show so there'd be less chance of infection.

Trinity3205 01-20-2013 05:41 PM

I have seen it before on horses where the trimmer did not adequately trim the bars several times. Id trim it away. You should find chalky sole under it but if not, you can typically safely make it the same depth as the other side of the same hoof. Dont be surprised if its bruised under there.

Missy May 01-20-2013 09:38 PM

I have seen it before, only recently though - when I got a new filly. Her bars were all over her sole, unbelievable! I initially had a farrier get her straight and have since been maintaining her tootsies. And, in fact, I have noticed that her bars grow at a phenominally fast rate - much faster than the rest of the hoof wall. The farrier did not agree w me that some of what was left around the toe was bar after he was done. It was.
It "seems" as if you can just take the bar layer off, and if you can - that is great. But, in my case, I found there to be 2 "types". Some of it will just came off in a layer (with tools) to expose the normal sole. But (there is always a but), some of it had seemingly "melded" (for lack of a better word) with the sole and I would start questioning myself (is this still bar, or is it sole I am taking off?) b/c it's "properties" were very similar to sole. My greatest concern was that the sole was thin underneath after having a "plate" over it and stopping it from growing - and I did not want to be inadvertantly removing sole. I had to just go by the depth of the apex of the frog to reassure myself I "could" safely remove it in paper thin sliced at a time. In my case (dry climate), it was extremely hard material, and not easy to remove. I tried to attack it from the edge (where it created a "shelf") inward. It is a slow process. And, there is normal sole under there, but in my case, I had to keep checking other indicators b/c the material can so easily "fool you".

loosie 01-21-2013 11:28 PM

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Agree it just looks like overgrown bar. I would trim it back, but don't get too excited about excess sole material *as a rule* so long as it's not protruding in relation to the walls in that area. Especially on drafts they seem to commonly have/possibly 'want' extra sole around the frog in front of the bars.

Re frog length, he has lovely, huge frogs & nice feet(not perfect, few issues but overall nice). In a healthy, strong hoof, the frog should be broad & *at least* 2/3 the length of the foot from heel to toe. If the frog looks strange to you, it's probably because unfortunately it's normal for domestic(& some feral cos they're not all perfect either) hooves to have weedy frogs & 'stretched' toes ;-)

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