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KiwiRyder 09-23-2008 12:09 AM

Sisters, Dramas & suicide!!!
My goodness for once in my life I am the one that feels like I have things under control & my darling sisters are having problems.
The "perfect" one has broken up with her fiance of 8 yrs and out trolling after boys, but her dramas are the ex ringing, crying & taking her to dinners, sending roses etc. She is trying to stay friends but tell him it's over so I have her in one ear.
And the slightly naughtier sister if you haven't gathered yet I am the naughty one of the family & the baby hehe She is living in Dubai & hates it thinks life can't go on so I have been trying to console her. Letting her know that coming home isn't failure & none of us will judge her.
Sorry this is a semi rant/statement really It's crazy that for once I am not in trouble, freaking out about something etc and my poor sisters are having dramas normally they are helping me!
Don't take this the wrong way I love my sisters to death & I am there for both of them it's just great to feel strong about it for once!

RegalCharm 09-23-2008 06:44 AM

LoL so what you are telling us is for the moment you have the power. LOL

To me your older sister is encouraging him to keep trying, accepting all the flowers and things and taking him up on all the dinner invites. She is keeping his hopes alive for getting back together. Not quite the thing to do if she just wants to be friends now.

Your next sister in Dubai, is she military, or civilian. Big difference
in how I would answer this. If she is in the military she should go to
a chaplin and talk things over with what is bothering her, or a friend
I don't know if the military would send her home or not. but they should have some sort of a help system setup that she could go to.

If civilian and she can leave, she should come home if it is upsetting her that much. Alot of people have a tough time being in a foreign country working, especially a country that women are not considered equal but of a lower class citizen. That would be very
hard for a woman who had never experienced it before and is probably away from home for the first time. (she is very homesick)
would be my guess. There is no shame in admitting the job, location, people who she works for are to much to take. Working in a hostile enviroment to westerners would be a difficult situation.

and being a nun living in a shed isn't such a bad thing either :mrgreen:

KiwiRyder 09-23-2008 04:36 PM

Yeah Regal your telling me I have been telling her not to encourage him & she knows it but yet still lets him take her to these fancy dinners. It's hard cause Rhys is a lovely guy & it took us all about 4 years to even like the guy, he's dutch what can I say :wink: . But now that she has left him I kinda feel for him. But it's his fault for one being slow on the marriage thing & thinking with his pants, not his heart!!!
The suicide sister is coming home, thank goodness I am sooo pleased she really had me worried had horrible nightmares about her last night but got to work to an email telling us she is looking at being home by the 3rd of Oct!!! Went to my parents last night the shed doesn't have a washing machine hehe to do some washing & mum was on the phone telling her to just get her act together & come home. Most of her guilt stems from that she left her twins here & didn't make a go at being a single mum!

RegalCharm 09-23-2008 05:45 PM

put a bug in her ex's ear that a marriage proposal would be nice
and if he wants her back so bad that is what it might take. Maybe she is thinking if she plays him along that is what it will finally take to make him propose.

It sounds good you other sister is coming home. I like what you mum said to her. Twins, wow, being a single parent is hard no
matter what. but if she needs help I am sure you and the rest of the family will help out with the children,

LOL the shed with out a washer and dryer. And no nearby creek
with stones to beat the cloths on. LOL.....I guess that would really be roughing it. Or you could just wear them in the shower and soap them up rinse and hang up to dry. If you do this every day
you would be caught up on the laundry all the time. LOL

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