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Breezy2011 01-22-2013 08:35 PM

Horse Equipment Needed
Okay, so I have been around horses all my life (well... since I was 6-7 yrs old) but 5 months ago, I got my own horse. This is my first horse that I actually owned. I have some training supplies for her, but I was wondering what else I could buy (in store, or online) to help in our training.

Breeze is a 2 year old quarter horse. I am going to be training for barrels in a few years time. Right now we are only on ground work.

This is what I already have:
- nylon halter
- rope halter w/ matching lead
- leather "show" halter
- 1 lunge line (about 25 ft)
- 3 8ish ft lead ropes
- grooming supplies (1 7 peice, 1 8 peice set)
- grooming tote
- bucket (25 gallon, mainly for carrying things, and for horse shows... water holder)
- lunge whip (4 ft w/ 4 ft string attached)
- bareback pad (training purposes)
- winter heavy weight blanket

I am ordering some stuff online ASAP that is:
- 2 lunge lines (25ft each, for ground driving)
- pocket halter
- cowboy lead
- saddle pad

I know I will be needing a bridle, breast collar, and saddle w/ back cinch soon, but I am hoping later in spring I will get that. I am getting horse shampoo (mane and tail, and black horse shampoo) in the spring.

What else would I need for ground training Breeze...

I think maybe a yoga ball would be good for desensitizing, but what else could I get for her?

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