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Mike_Admin 01-24-2013 08:20 AM

The Horse Forum Linking Policy
The Horse Forum Linking Policy

Below is the Horse Forum Linking Policy, which describes our rules about linking to other websites and the rationales for them. If after reading it you are in doubt about a link you would like to post, or otherwise have any questions, comments, or concerns, please start a thread in the Talk to the Team forum.

If you see any posts that appear to violate the rules below, please use the report post button beneath the poster's avatar to bring the post to the attention of the Horse Forum team.

The Horse Forum is a product of intense, ongoing effort

The members of the Horse Forum Team collectively volunteer more than 50 hours a day to keep the community as pleasant, helpful, and welcoming as possible, and that's in addition to maintaining full time jobs, families, etc.

No Unauthorized Advertising

It's in part owing to the tremendous amount of effort that goes into maintaining the community that we don't like to see people take advantage of it and divert visitors to their own websites by linking to them, promoting their products, etc.

If you are interested in advertising opportunities at the Horse Forum, please Contact Us.

Active Members Who Are Hobbyist Artists or Artisans May Link To Their Websites In Appropriate Forums

If you are an active participant at the Horse Forum and make regular contributions to the community, you are welcome to link to a website of yours showcasing your artwork or crafts for the purpose of offering commissions or crafts for sale to Horse Forum members in appropriate forums.

We ask that you in turn support the community by linking to the Horse Forum as described below, for which you will receive a Linking Member Designation.

You Can Link To Your Personal Blog In Your Signature, But Not In Posts

We understand that not everyone who links to their own site does so because they are particularly interested in driving traffic to it or realizing commercial gain, and members are welcome to link to their personal blogs from the Horse Forum. However, pursuant to the above, we ask that members not actively promote their blogs here by putting links to them in posts. You are welcome to passively promote your personal blog by adding a link to it in your signature, but please do not use promotional language like "Check it out".

We ask that members who do link to their blogs in their signature return the favor by adding a link to the Horse Forum to their blog. You can add a link to the Horse Forum to your blog by using the HTML code below:

HTML Code:

<a href="">Horse Forum</a>
Please let us know if you've linked to the Horse Forum from your blog so that we can set you up with a Linking Member designation, which is a special icon that appears beside your username.

Do Not Link To Facebook or Divert Members by Posting Invites to Join You on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or online games.

"But, but, but..." we know, and we're sorry, but there are several reasons why links to Facebook are restricted at the Horse Forum.

First and foremost, there are many younger Internet users who don't realize or appreciate the potential danger and aggravation that sharing their real identity on a publicly accessible Internet forum can have. There are many adults who don't either, for that matter, until somebody who'd taken a particular interest in their posts, for whatever reason, follows their Facebook link and takes a less than desirable interest in their real identity.

Secondly, the Horse Forum is a social network. Facebook is a social network. Facebook has "one billion [that's 1,000,000,000] monthly active users as of October 2012." (emphasis added) See Key Facts - Facebook Newsroom. It's no secret that activity on many other Internet forums has declined since people began spending more and more of their time online at Facebook. We're not interested in seeing the Horse Forum suffer the same fate. To that end, anyone interested in discussing horses or anything else at Facebook is of course free to do so, but we ask that members not post links to Facebook here.

Do Not Link To Other Forums Or Social Networks

Further to the above, in order to ensure that the Horse Forum remains a vibrant community for horse related discussion, please do not link to or otherwise promote other forums or social networks.

Equally importantly, we put a lot of effort into addressing issues at the Horse Forum so that the majority of visitors can have as pleasant an experience here as possible. The last thing we want is to see drama from another online community brought here by way of linking to it.

Do Not Link To Horse Games

We love a good game ourselves, but we love seeing the Horse Forum community stay a vibrant, active place for discussing horses even more. For that reason, we ask that you not divert visitors from the Horse Forum by linking to horse games.

Linking To Other Sites

Please feel free to link to websites that are not covered by the rules above so long as you are not affiliated with the website in any way or otherwise doing so out of self-interest. Members and/or posts that appear to be shills (self-interested parties pretending to be otherwise) for websites, companies, etc. are subject to removal.

Jake and Dai 06-16-2013 08:15 PM

:-) Friendly bump just to remind everyone about our Linking Policy. :-)

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