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dbarabians 01-24-2013 08:37 PM

Got my mare back today.
While I was in Washington DC for the Inaugural one of the mares was taken from our pasture.
This was the mare that was chased into my yard last year then foaled a filly in April.
The person chasing her told me to keep her and that they would not return to get her.
She was underweight and very skittish. Took me weeks to be touch her.
While riding her I was stopped by a man that asked where I got the mare.
He told me that they bought her at auction and that she was wild. Once he saw me riding her he wanted her back.
i told him bring me 350 a month for 6 months and he would have her back.
After she foaled i was once again told they wanted the mare and filly back. I refused once again.
Jesus and Miquel noticed the locks were cut on the gate last friday while I was away. the filly was racing around the pasture and the other horses were very skittish.
They located the mare Sunday at a house about 3 miles away.
They called the sherrif. The owner of the house showed the sherrif the bill of sale form the auction as proof of ownership. This mare has two brands on her left side an 86 and a 0. Jesus called me and I talked to the deputy he informed me that i needed proof of ownership.
I only had a coggins test from Sept of last year and August of this year.
i told the deputy that I would be back on Wednesday.
Thankfully today when the sherriff and I went to the house the mare was still there. Looked as if she had not been fed and there was no water available.
the guy comes out of the house saying that he did not speak english so I told him in spainish that I wanted my horse. He then told me to take the mare and go that he was only holding her for a friend.
that was all I needed to hear. . She has a few cuts and is very thin and nervous. she did allow me to catch her and load into the trailer.
The mare is now in the round pen with water and hay.
Now i have to feed her to restore the weight she has lost. she was losing condition from nursing her foal but now she is severly underweight. I dont think they fed her at all. Shalom

MissColors 01-24-2013 08:40 PM

I'm glad you got her back. Can you get a statement from the sherrif saying detailing the situtation and that she is legally yours now???

nvr2many 01-24-2013 08:50 PM

Wow, WTH!!! Glad you have her back but, what happens now? Will they keep bugging you??

franknbeans 01-24-2013 08:51 PM

So sorry-but glad you have gotten her back. I thought about you all weekend and wondered how it went.....that was the longest parade I ever saw!

dbarabians 01-24-2013 09:02 PM

The only proof i need is the coggins papers unless they want to go to court.
I doubt that and I have witnesses that can testify that the mare was chased into my yard.
If they do go to court and win they will have to pay me for feed, trimmings, vet, shots, and what ever board I demand.
I do not have pictures of most of my horses.
I dont even have a name for this mare or her filly.
I will take this digital camera out tomorrow and take some pictures and name these horses to go with the pictures.
Franknbeans you should have been with me lined up for 4 hours before the parade. I had to pee the whole route.
We boarded the busses at 5 AM in Baltimore. Which by the way is very nice. I will go back and see the city again
I was less than 50 feet from the President and Vice President. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Shalom

franknbeans 01-24-2013 09:21 PM

So glad the weather held out and it was not terribly cold. I certainly did not envy anyone in that parade, and knew they had been waiting around all day.

Glad you enjoyed it-

dbarabians 01-24-2013 09:45 PM

Franknbeans i am from Texas. It was colder than a polar bears A#@ when he floats on an iceberg. When we left Baltimore it was 15 degrees. When we got to Texas it was 70. That is my kind of winter weather. Shalom

AlexS 01-24-2013 09:52 PM

Holy heck, I wonder why he would steal the horse to then give it up again so easily? How bizarre.

Can you press charges against him so he doesn't think he can do it again?

Druydess 01-24-2013 10:04 PM

So this yahoo must have known you had left.. what an a$$.
So happy for you that you got her back. Those guttersnipes shouldn't own anything with a pulse.
Glad the Inauguration day was a good one for you-- except for the having to pee thing.. :wink::shock:

dbarabians 01-24-2013 10:08 PM

alexs the man who came out today was not the one who has talked to me before,
i doubt that he was involved more than just keeping the mare at his place.
She was originally chased by the 4 wheeler about 5 miles last year.
jesus and miquel are well known in the local hispanic communtiy in the county.
We know the guy that bought her from the auctions name and where he lives. they were out looking for the mare when one of their freinds told them where she was.
i suspect the man that lives at the property is an undocumented worker and did not want any trouble. also that the thief was worried about being arrested and that is why he did not show up today or move the mare.
He knew that we knew his address and his name.
Unless someone saw him in the pasture there is no evidence that will prove he took the mare.
There were 7 other horses in that pasture if someone just wanted a horse they could have taken another one that was a lot easier to handle.
this mare has suffered abuse and is not very trusting of strangers.
I would like to know how they caught her to make certain it doesnt happen again. Shalom

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