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Horsesdontlie 01-25-2013 02:32 PM

Resource Photos
So as someone pointed out to me, on my thread, that when ever you do anything artistic from a photo you have to get the permission from the photographer to do the work. It becomes hard to find good photos to draw/edit from or that you want while making sure you're stepping on anyones toes. So I thought I would make a thread where people could post their own photos for people to practice with.

So I'm going to put a few rules :
  • No profit can be made in any way (without directly asking the photographer) from any of these photos
  • Remember these are for practice only.
  • Only post photos or links to albums that people can use here.
  • YOU MUST BE the person who took the photo(s).
  • Please do not post the artwork here, lets make it easy for people to find the photos without having to sort through artwork.
  • Understand that if you post resource images here you are not directly asking people to draw/edit from the photo. Its just there if they want to use it. AKA : Do not ask why people are not drawing from your album.

Just for those who don't know
Deviant Art Stock Photos is a great place to look for stock images. BUT look for the photographers rules and conditions for using their photo. Make sure they say something like "You can use for drawing/editing/off DA/practice" If you can't find any information, I would suggest not using the photo.

My Stock Images :
Horsesdontlie's Deviantart

I will be uploading more in that album, and better images to there soon ^^

Creampuff 01-25-2013 06:11 PM

I have a deviantART stock account, as well. Feel free to message me if you have any "special request." I'm working on setting up more images into the account.


Creampuff 01-25-2013 07:09 PM

I can't edit it now, boo!

Here are some "genres" of the stock I have, but may not have posted:
  • World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions show (had front-row seating)
  • Local Fun Shows/County Fair (Barrels, driving, pole bending)
  • SOME from rodeo/AQHA show (fairly blurry)
  • Personal horse portraits -- grazing, rolling, sleeping, running, playing, rearing/bucking, spooking/training, behavior, head shots & details.
And just an "example"....

Horsesdontlie 01-26-2013 02:48 PM

You have a lot of amazing images, thanks Creampuff!

I eventually would like to see some of the fun show / country fair stuff that you have. I'm working on other things but I may message you later for it. =)

HorseCrazyTeen 01-27-2013 11:02 PM

Wow, those are some really nice pictures, both of you. I may just have to use one after I finish drawing another baby...

Stichy 02-05-2013 01:15 PM

My stock account is Stichy-Stock, feel free to look around :D

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