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DriftingShadow 01-25-2013 11:13 PM

How Dirty is Too Dirty (sheath wise)
Hey all!

I really clean Drifter's sheath about every 6 months. By really clean I mean check the bean, use soap, scrub good, the whole 9 yards.

However I've noticed that every other month I have to clean the gunk out with water and my hand. For example, I cleaned his sheath and got a bean out in November. Here it is not even quite February and today I noticed he has smegma (spelling?) poking out of his sheath. Gross, right???

Well Drifter is really easy going about his sheath cleaned (he actually loves it.. I feel weird that he loves it..but what can I do? :oops: ) so I grabbed a glove and pulled on the smegma I could see poking out. It slid out/peeled off and it was as long as my pointer finger. Granted, I don't have insanely long fingers but that peice was definitely 2-3 inches long. I got another 4 or so pieces of equal length out from right inside. I proceded to clean out the rest of him and it was DISGUSTING :shock:. It was like he hadn't been cleaned in years. And the smell.. blech!! He did not have a bean though.

My question is.. is it normal for him to be THAT dirty THAT often? Is he just a pig? He loves to go into mud and water, so does that have something to do with it? It is always overflowing in gunk no matter how often I clean and I just wanted to make sure that isnt a sign of something more serious. Thanks for all the help.

Sharpie 01-25-2013 11:24 PM

Some horses get dirty fast, others don't. My friend had two geldings. One she had to clean monthly, the other she only did once a year. I wouldn't say your horse is abnormal... just unlucky. :) Make sure you're using gentle cleaners when you are in there, ivory soap, excalibur, KY, etc, because if you use something irritating, you could actually cause the sensitive skin there to start producing MORE gunk in self defense.

DriftingShadow 01-25-2013 11:28 PM

Thanks Sharpie!

I figured he was just a natural Pig Pen but just wanted to double check!

I use excalibur for my twice yearly big cleanings, but otherwise I just use warm water and my hand to pick the gunk out. He is so nasty! Good thing I love him ha ha.

Glad to know it is nothing serious

mfed58 01-29-2013 11:13 PM

Sharpie's right on! One of my boys is pretty much the same. I have to watch him, and clean when needed. And fortunately he doesn't mind it a bit. I find that when it's really dry, dusty, and windy he tends to get alot dirtier, alot quicker. And down here in South Texas thats a really common problem, especially this year! Like sharpie said, as long as you use very mild soap in very small amounts it's perfectly okay and safe.

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