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MyPersonalJester 04-12-2007 11:22 AM

Shed Faster!!
haha thats what I'm about to yell at my horse. I know he cant help it, and I'm kidding but its really annoying. Actually I feel a bit sorry for him, it was really hot so he started shedding out, and then it got freezing cold again.
He normally looks really bad because I brush off the loose hair, and more comes out! lol his neck is pretty slicked off, with just a few patches. The rest of his body is.... not.
I cant work on getting that hair off now because its still really cold :(
Oh well, hopefully he'll be good by our show in April

bolly 04-12-2007 11:45 AM

i have the same problem, i just keep taking it off though, i dont ever stop! lol x

horsecrazy15 04-12-2007 04:12 PM

lol i find even if it is a bit cold put them out with a very light rug on and this will push the other hair through making the winter coat drop out :D genius lol

MyPersonalJester 04-12-2007 04:19 PM

bleh I dont have a rug so I cant :( other wise I probably would

bolly 04-12-2007 04:33 PM


MyPersonalJester said: bleh I dont have a rug
do your horses go out without a rug all winter? x

rachiesmif 04-14-2007 07:23 AM

Some of the horses in the field across from us are out all year without rugs.

And I know a foal that was born around the start of winter and was out all winter in the snow and everything and never got rugged up.

It depends on the breed too. If you rug them up a lot it makes them nesh.


MyPersonalJester 04-14-2007 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by bolly

MyPersonalJester said: bleh I dont have a rug
do your horses go out without a rug all winter? x

i dont belive we've ever had one on our horses. We dont have the money to buy them, and they simply dont need them. They're all pretty used to the cold, and get really fuzzy

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