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WyomingSissy 01-27-2013 08:08 PM

looking into getting sponsers. Help with the process?
Okay so my sister and I are part of an equestrian performance and drill team, and we are going to start looking for some sponsers to help out with the costs. Problem is we've never had any before and are unsure of what we need to do.
We've started making a list of the places we plan to talk to, but what should we offer? We were thinking at least T-shirt with the sponsers' names on them, but what else?

Also, how would we ask? Would we just ask them to sponser us and they pay for some specific needs, e.i. farrier, shoeing, coggins and so on. Or would it be money that we can put towrads the things we would need.
Example, my sister's horse has arthritic hocks (at age 5) and get adequan shots every month.

And as far as shoeing, we are barefoot owners, and we're thinking it would be better for the horses (in case of kicking in the pasture or something) to invest in EZ boots, which can be taken off after performances.

Anyways, if anyone has any advice, experience, ideas, anything, please let me know. Its greatly appreciated.

Thanks Ya'll,

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