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Left Hand Percherons 01-27-2013 08:15 PM

Sweeter Heater
Anyone use a Sweeter Heater in their brooder? I need an alternative to heat lamps as my coop is a converted stall in the barn and I am paranoid about starting a fire. I currently have 24 6 weeks old chicks in the spare bathroom in 2 brooders and I am more than done with them in the house. No garage or basement. It's in the 20's at night and probably need 2 more weeks to fully feather out.

I have found both good and bad reviews on the Sweeter Heater. I have been underwhelmed with their customer service (no response to my email or call) but there isn't any thing else on the market that I can find.

RitzieAnn 02-07-2013 02:06 PM

Never used one, or heard of them until reading this post. However, I use heat lamps, and haven't ever had an issue with fires or them getting too hot. I have several lamps, and when the temps get really low in our area, I turn them on in my small (10x20) barn to prevent everything from freezing.

Celeste 02-07-2013 08:08 PM

I just keep mine in the house. Then I spend 2 months swearing that I'll never start baby chicks again.

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