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teamfire 01-27-2013 10:34 PM

How are we doing?
Phew, now that we're finally beginning to progress (I now have two amazing dressage coaches, one who trains and shows at GP but only comes bi-monthy; and my weekly coach, who is her student but also rides upper levels) I feel better about showing a video.

I do have vids all the way from the beginning, but many will make you cringe! We've gone through a lot since March, when my horse arrived: a bad fall on cement that left him mildly lame and its recovery, one coach ruining his mouth, playing with the french method (that recovered his mouth and taught me valuable lessons I still use) and now, training with two amazing german training scale coaches. In the last two months, we've made leaps and bounds, now that I have weekly lessons again.

We're still working the canter, which is still very green. Some horses have natural balance in the gait-- but Capataz does not! But he longer bolts when he loses his balance and we're finally working up to going straight along the long side of the arena. But you won't see canter in this vid, I know it needs a lot of work.

Our trot and walk still need work too. More impulsion from him, more steadiness from me. I'm still re-training myself to ask my aids correctly (upper calf, instead of the ankle) and I'm incredibly right-sided (I have some trouble keeping my left leg directly under me but working on it!). Going to the right in trot is always visibly easier.

I've been taught now to use side-reins (and my coach watches me lunge for a bit before every lesson, to continue giving me lunging advice) and he's been working so hard! His trot is beautiful on the lunge, and he reaches very well underneath himself. It's been harder getting that same reaction under saddle going to the left, he really doesn't want to engage that left hind, but I know he can, I see it on the lunge!

Anyways, I'm ready. I know I have lots to do and what I have to do, but I always enjoy a fresh pair of eyes!

Flipper 01-29-2013 06:26 PM

The two main things I notice is firstly, that you have a tendency to lean backwards with your upper body which causes you to develop a chair seat at times. Secondly, that yours reins appear to be very long so that when he is reaching into the contact you are fine , though his neck is still a bit too stretched out I would say, but the minute he comes above the contact you have little control.

Hope this helps!

disastercupcake 02-01-2013 11:42 AM

I agree with Flipper. You have a tendency to get behind the vertical, which is when your horse raises his head and evades the bit.

Other than that, you look okay. Sometimes your rein looks a little slack. Consistent contact will encourage your horse to be 'on the bit' more :)

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