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Chessie 01-28-2013 03:55 PM

Pics of Healing Horses?
Since we all love pictures, and hearing about horses. Anyone care to brag a little about their four legged therapists?

aliliz 01-28-2013 05:14 PM

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I'm going to post in two sections so I can get in picture of everyone. At my center, we have 10... and a half.

Amigo is our mascot (and the half). He came as a package deal with one of our old horses, who has since retired and gone on to live with a family. However, Amigo stayed and is a definite therapy tool- so many kids are encouraged to talk when they see him!

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Barney is our newest addition. He's a Haflinger pony, about 13.2 hands. He's still being fully integrated into the program (and learning how to be respectful of his leader) but he's doing well. And he's so ridiculously cute!

Attachment 127358

Crunch (Buttercrunch) has been with us since June. He's a Paint/Arab cross (we think). He has taken quite a bit of work do get ready for therapy, but he's doing great and has been pretty trustworthy. He doesn't have a full workload yet, but he's getting there!

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This is my absolute favorite pony. His name is Silver and he's a Welsh pony. He's a little headshy, but the kids are allowed to touch his face :-)
He was a little boy's show pony before he came to us, so he's quite talented. He loves doing therapeutic riding, but isn't as much of a fan of hippotherapy

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Toby is an incredible horse. He's a 26 year old Arabian. He's been in the program for close to 10 years and is so tuned into his riders. He's one of the horses who really understands what we do. For unbalanced and fragile riders, he does the "Toby tiptoe" where he walks so slowly and smoothly that he actually hesitates before putting each foot down. He will also match what his leader is doing, like marching or lengthening his stride. Fun fact: he will only back up if you say "beep, beep, beep" like a truck :lol:

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Jiminy is another Arab. He's a wonderful hippotherapy horse, but sometimes gets a little to excited doing therapeutic riding. Jiminy has a lot of posterior-anterior movement, so he can be a good challenge for kids who are trying to strengthen their trunks.

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Continued in the next post!

aliliz 01-28-2013 05:30 PM

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Stellar is our Fjord. He's been in the program for over 18 months and he was the easiest horse I've ever helped train for this. He took to it immediately... he's basically a big teddy bear. He's not built like a typical Fjord- he's about 15.2 and not super wide, although he is stocky.

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Nate is our baby. He's about 12 and was not broken under saddle when he came to us. Our lead instructor trained him and he's doing fantastic. He's great at hippotherapy and is learning how to be a better therapeutic riding horse. Nate has the most personality out of any horse I've ever met- he's a big goofball.

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Odin is one of our veterans at the center. He's been there for over 12 years. He's kind of a pain (not my favorite, can you tell?) but he's excellent for therapeutic riding lessons. His walk is asymmetrical, so we rarely use him for hippotherapy.

Attachment 127362

Pumpkin has also been with us for a long time. She's a little spitfire sometimes, but completely safe. Her walk and trot are extremely smooth, so we often use her for kids with poor head and trunk control.

Attachment 127361

Pippin is our big girl. She's a full Percheron, even though she's not taller than 16 hands. She takes most of our big riders and is very tolerant of anything on her back. She and Pumpkin are our only mares and Pip lets all the geldings know that she's the queen!

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Chessie 01-28-2013 05:33 PM

What awesome horses!

Lunarflowermaiden 01-29-2013 05:56 AM

Murphy. Our old man of the program, who is somewhere in his mid-twenties. Former racing Quarter, but is now mostly the baby sitter to one of our instructor's filly (who at not even a year is now as tall as him), as well as a safe horse for lead-around students, as well as the semi-independents.

Sherman. Our lazy boy, who only livens up on trail. He is short and stocky, and not easily motivated. But he is pretty good at packing around the heavier students. No idea what his breed is (Mustang/Morgan is the leading theory). I think his is in his teens.

Vinny. Our not so lazy boy. He is sometimes used for lead-around students, but it is hard to find side-walkers tall enough and fast enough to keep up with his fast walk. Mostly used for the more independent students, he even does a little jumping. He is also a Quarter horse, formerly a working ranch horse. He is in his mid-teens, I think.

Scooby. Our Vinny doppelganger (while you can't see it in either photo, they also both have very similar white stockings on all four legs). He is used with mostly the semi-independent riders, because he has the loveliest trot of the bunch (but a washing machine of a canter). He is also one of the least spooky horses I have ever known. Don't know his age, best guess is mid to late teens.

Continued in next post.

Lunarflowermaiden 01-29-2013 06:24 AM

Max. Our doofus. He is mostly used for semi-independent/independent students. He can be a bit clumsy, and takes some motivation to go. He is generally pretty sweet. He is a Draft cross (best guess is Draft/Thoroughbred), he is eight going on nine I believe.

Honey. Our youngest (only four). She is still pretty green and getting used to her new role as a therapy horse. We have only had her a few months, but she did very well in our horse show in October, while much more seasoned horses were not so well behaved. She is a quick little thing, still learning the ropes, but she is picking up things pretty fast. She is a Haflinger.

Scarlet. The perfect pony. She is as close to perfect as you can get, I don't know what we would do without her. The perfect lead-around size, she knows her job well. She is also good for the small independent riders who want to canter. She is a Welsh pony, in her late teens.

franknbeans 01-29-2013 07:25 AM

This is my 23 YO Clyde X I free lease to a local facility. He is really good at his job bith with kids and vets, and he seems to love it!

Catpeedontherug 01-31-2013 09:19 AM

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Theses are a few of our therapists.

Endiku 01-31-2013 10:54 AM

How fun!

This is our therapy pony, Bella. She's our 'step up' pony for the kids who are getting to big for our shetlands but feel intimidated by the big guys. She's an absolute doll and never complains, but she's not much of an independant rider type pony so she's mostly a leadline hippotherapy or transitioning therapeudic riding horse. She is 11.3hh.

Excuse her halter. A new volunteer had put the wrong one on her and I had just gone to get another xD
Bo Jangles. Bo is 17 years old and a Shetland x Miniature. He is only 37" tall but he is VERY special in that we believe that he can sense seizures, much like some dogs. There have been five or six times when he has had a seizure-prone child up on his back while out on our therapy trails or in the arena, and he felt something 'off.' He then stops, refuses to move no matter what we do, and will very, very carefully lay down WITH the child on his back, and remain down there. 4 out of 5 of of those times, the child proceeded to seize.

Bo can't be used for larger riders, but he is great for out hippotherapy children who are under 5 years old. He tends to paddle in the back and walks 'bow legged' but is a real trooper and will still pack a few of our very special children around every week.

Big Cowboy is getting up there in age but is not only a hippotherapy pony, he's also great as a therapeudic riding pony and he drives too! He was one of our originals and we've had him for 12+ years. He's a total love and has a huge personality. He makes even the most terrified babies fall in love with his goofy character, so he's used as an in-hand therapist as well.

Fara is our 'therapist in training.' She's only 6 years old and a bit of spitfire, but she loves kids and I think she has a lot of potential. She is a full blooded caspian pony and she really does think she's the queen of the world!

Xcia is our first therapy HORSE. She's one of a kind. She is only 9 years old but participates as a hippotherapy, therapeudic, lesson, AND driving horse. She loves her therapy kids but isn't fond of normal lessons. She's a 'steady eddie' and nothing bothers her. She'd rather fall on her face than let her kid slide off of her back.

Myss Pony. She's young but one of my favorites. She never did like us handlers very much but lives to see her kids. She finally has bonded with me though. Theres nothing she wouldnt do to keep her babies safe and she really has that motherly nature that makes her a superb riding pony. She is a 48" shetland and is greenbroke to drive as well.

And we cant forget old Puddin' who passed last year, or Delriah our miracle girl. R.I.P Girls! they were two of the best horses I've ever met, and they LOVED their job.

Oh, and Montana who is the SIZE of a pony, and thus believes he is a therapy horse too xD the kids love him but he's an insane houdini.

We have two more therapy horses but I cant find any pictures right now.

Critter sitter 01-31-2013 11:09 AM

i love all the pictures!! great horses and ponies and the goat too hehehe

I am love with NATE though wat a darling!!!

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