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blue eyed pony 01-29-2013 08:59 AM

Fencing securely on a budget?
We have two horses that are total escape artists, and two areas that aren't fenced off all that well.

We don't own the property and the landlord won't/can't pay a huge amount for fencing. We can't either, and if we fork out, we want to be able to take it with us.

What we have up now is hot tape across the areas that either aren't fenced or aren't fenced well enough. Only one strand. Step-in pigtail pickets on one length, and proper fence posts on another. Whether it's on or off, our mares can get out of it.

Something needs to change, for obvious reasons. I was thinking two or three strands of hot tape, and some new taller pickets where we have the pigtails? Any other thoughts?

Any money we spend has to be fairly minimal, due to financial constraints, and the new fencing has to be very secure. With two very clever, very greedy mares, one somewhere around 16hh and the other just pushing 14.2, probably the best solution is 3 or 4 strands of hot tape, or 4 or 5 strands of cheap plain wire with insulators [hot tape sags over time, wire won't do that as badly]. Hot tape will be more portable. But with money constraints I'm feeling that 3 strands is pushing it, and 2 is more manageable.

We also have two places that would like to have gates put on them so our girls can't break into/out of them - we use the driveway as a jenny craig pasture, and we let them into the house yard sometimes to "mow the lawn" - but haven't the money to buy proper farm gates. Electric tape works ok until someone figures out to grab the top of a picket and pull it out... then fence is down and mares are out again, often with my gelding in tow.

So far nobody has been hurt, but the risk is there. A huge amount of feed has been wasted because we don't have a proper feed shed... thankfully nobody has gotten colic. Yet. But something has to change.

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