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MAG1723 01-30-2013 06:39 PM

super Old Dog needs some help!
Our 14 year old Lab has seen better days. His back legs are starting to give out. Now I know he is going to die soon, and I don't want to pay a huge bill but is there anything that I can give him that I can buy from a local store to help him out during his last little bit? Anything that will take away some pain?

Any help is appreciated

Thanks so much!

Nightside 01-30-2013 06:42 PM

If it is his hips/arthritis ailing him, you can get glucosamine tablets to help him out.
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CLaPorte432 01-30-2013 06:45 PM

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Gluclosamine/Chondriotin/MSM and a Buffered Asprin.
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Sharpie 01-30-2013 06:45 PM

Not really. Glucosamine can help, but if he's sore enough his legs are giving out, you'll need a dog-safe painkiller from you vet, like Rimadyl or Previcox to help him be more comfortable. Ibuprofen, Tylenol and Aleve for people are deadly to dogs. Aspirin can be safe at the correct dose, but is kind of a crappy painkiller that doesn't do much to help and can cause stomach ulcers IME.

Kayty 01-31-2013 07:09 PM

Glucosamine won't do a thing. It is more of a preventative supplement, and given orally a tiny amount, if any, will actually get absorbed by his body. You'd be wasting your money.
He's 14 years old, being a loyal companion to you for many years - take him to the vet. You can't let him suffer. Unfortunately dogs don't tend to die peacefully in their sleep. Like horses they hang on for a long time, living in pain and very slowly become weaker and weaker until their body gives out.
You probably don't want to hear it, but you may need to contemplate putting him to sleep if he is struggling to stand.

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