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horsplay 01-30-2013 07:30 PM

Why show names?
Please forgive my ignorance but.... I have been wondering why show people use show names and barn names. I understand a longer name for blood lines and such but if you have a mutt of a horse and you are competing just for fun why is it nessisary to have a show name and a barn name? Or is it nessisary at all? My horse came with the name Dallas Star and I just call him Dallas or Dally. I come from a world where horses work and are for pleasure sometimes we compete but that is not all we do with them. So again the simple question is if your horses name is Sam why do you need a longer show name like "Sammy's midnight star" to compete? Is it just for fun? Do you do it just becouse everyone else does? Or is it an actual rule?

BornToRun 01-30-2013 07:36 PM

I gave mine show names for fun, well, just my gelding, Nelly already has a registered name. But some horse's have long show names, I guess it's just easier to use a shortened, informal name for them in the barn. I'll use my gelding as an example. His show name is Sweet Candy Many, his barn name is Licorice. I would find it kind of painful and a little annoying to open the barn door and yell "Sweet Candy Man, come here Sweet Candy Man!" It's like with people's names. My full name is Jennifer, but most people shorten it to Jen, Jenny, or even Jenna.

horsplay 01-30-2013 07:41 PM

Thank you for that explanation it makes sence but I guess i was wondering about the other way around. A long registered name shortened for the barn is great but what if your horse's name registered or not is short? Why give it a longer one for showing. For instance there is a thread here asking for show name ideas. I'm fine with doing it for fun but she welcomes suggestions that have nothing to do with the horses actual name. Is there a reason to make a longer name for shows is it just fun?

TexasBlaze 01-30-2013 07:45 PM

In circuit or breed shows a horse needs a show/registered name. You cant have two horses named "Sammy" and sooner or later there arent gonna be any names left. Ive seen a horse that shares barn names with EVERY horse i own. But ive never seen a horse that shares a registered name with them. If the horse is in an open show/ fun day show then you dont HAVE to give them a show name but most people do to make the horse a little bit more personal and professional sounding.

waresbear 01-30-2013 07:45 PM

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I can see the need for a barn name, many registered names are on the long side, but if the horse is registered, I don't understand giving it another name on top of it for showing. I always thought you used the registered name for showing? Hopefully someone can explain, I am curious too.

BornToRun 01-30-2013 07:49 PM

I can't tell you why people choose show names that have nothing to do with their barn name, or the other way around. It's something I can't fathom either. Licorice came with his name Licorice, which is where the "Candy" in his name came from. "Sweet" for his attitude, and man because he's ... a man. I kind of see it as a horses show name being its full real name, and it's barn name being just a nickname.

farmpony84 01-30-2013 08:07 PM

For AQHA you have to use the registered name. I call my guy Riley because I think he looks like a Ri. Plus I had to call him something while I was waiting for approval on his name...

Pistol I showed as... Pistol

Blue came with the name Tombstone so that's what we show him as but he is just Blue....

DancingArabian 01-30-2013 08:11 PM

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You need a name to show under for record keeping purposes. If you ride a horse named Joe and someone else rides a horse named Joe, imagine how hard it would be on paper to tell them apart. Now Giddyup Joe and A Cup of Joe - that you can tell apart. Registered or not, each horse in a show needs a unique name.

Registered names only matter for show purposes when the registry is involved. If you're at an Arabian breed show then Sammy will be shown under her Princess Sameera registered name. If its not an Arabian show then you don't have to use the registered name, so you could call her something else for show purposes.

Whatever name you show under has to appear on your Coggins.

Sometimes a horse's name is a phrase. A horse locally known as Star might be registered as Paid On Time - there's no "name" in there to grab a barn name from. The horse doesn't know what he's registered as so they don't have to be based off each other. Traditionally a lot of people will make a barn name based off the registered or show name, and sometimes the other way around too, but its not required.

You don't have to have a barn name but if your horse is called All of Daddy's Paychecks, its going to be silly saying that over and over when Bob will do just fine. Imagine walking into a field and screaming that. Or saying that big phrase when your talk about your horse. A barn name is just like a nickname for people - sometime there's an obvious connection, sometimes not.

*all horses named are totally made up for example purposes
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kenda 01-30-2013 08:13 PM

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If your horse has a registered name, you can certainly show it under that name. Some people buy their horse with a registered name that they don't like, they can't really change that but at non-breed shows there is no reason why you can't show under a different name. The simple answer is you mostly don't "need" a show name but lots of people find them fun, particularly if their horses barn name is pretty common.

JessXxX 01-31-2013 10:16 PM

I think most people show under the registered name as people has said above. My ones registered name is 'East Lodge Red Rascal' and I'll show him as that his barn name is just 'Rascal'.

Although I almost bought a horse called Frosty once and I really wanted to show him as 'Frosty the snow man' So that the announcer would say ' This is ...... riding Frosty the snow man' which I thought was kinda hilarious but thats just me.

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