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EvilHorseOfDoom 01-31-2013 01:00 AM

OTTB free to good home in Oklahoma
Someone shared this message on Facebook, was wondering if there were any local HF people interested:


FREE TO GOOD HOME WITH CONTRACT: This is Falcon Fury. Falcon is a 17H OTTB who is boarded on my farm, however, his owner has not paid for his board in over 4 months, she does not respond to email, texts, or private facebook messages, and she has breeched her contract with Thoroughbred Placement Resources, which is where she adopted Falcon from in Maryland (much of his original story can be viewed on their website Falcon Fury).

Falcon is a direct descendant of Secretariat and Northern Dancer. He is absolutely beautiful, kind, charming and has a great sense of humor. During his short racing career, Falcon suffered a slab fracture to his knee. He was then sent to auction (the bad kind) at New Holland in PA and was headed to slaughter when he was rescued by Thoroughbred Placement Resources in Maryland. He was part of an HBO Documentary called "Running for Their Lives", and was then adopted out to his current owner and landed in Oklahoma.

Although we all love Falcon dearly, he is in need of a new home. We own six of our own horses, and barely get by financially on what we have, as I am in school and can only train horses part time- as it stands I may have to go find a part time job just to get by until I am through with school.

As of November, Falcon is current on vaccinations, has a current negative coggins, had his teeth floated and his feet were trimmed four weeks ago. He is 100% healthy. While we were at the vet we discussed the possibility of riding Falcon, and were told by the vet that he can handle occasional light riding at the walk on good footing. Shortly after, my husband saddled him up and rode him for the first time since his racing accident, and he was a perfect gentleman! A breif video of this first ride can be seen here:
Falcon Fury 1st ride since his injury - YouTube.

Falcon does well as a companion for geldings, but can from time to time be "studdish" with mares... he IS gelded, and I woudl not say he is "proud cut" he just gets a little flirtatious with the ladies, and is not the first TB I have known to do this! He's just handsome and he knows it!!

Falcon is FREE to a loving, FOREVER (for real this time) home, with an adoption contract through TPR. I will be very selective about who he is homed with, as he is well loved and cared for here and I need it to stay that way.
And further info:


UPDATE: I just want to thank everyone who has shared Falcon's information. It has gone NATION WIDE and I am recieving friend requests from people all over the country, from east coast to west. Falcon is a special horse and we are still looking for that special home- however, please encourage everyone to read through the entire story so that anyone interested knows exactly what they're dealing with. Falcon CAN NOT be ridden for long periods of time. I would not recommend him as a child's horse. Also, he needs to go to a home with appropriate "horse safe" fencing, shelter, and it is not recommended that he be put in with mares. Once again, I truly appreciate everyones help in this matter!!
Looks a very handsome boy - https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.n..._5706011_n.jpg

Hope he finds a good home!

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