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appylover31803 09-25-2008 01:35 PM

Easy change gullet system
I need a new saddle as I am not convinced my current saddle fits Montana.

Since I ride him and Gem (which have 2 different gullet sizes) I have been thinking about getting a saddle with an easy change gullet system.

I would LOVE to get the Bates saddle, but my bank account says otherwise :(
So I've been doing a little bit of research on the Wintecs. I've read some mixed reviews on them, but the majority of them seem to be positive. But i also know with each person and each horse they are going to change.

I've been looking at the Wintec Close Contact and the Wintec Pro Jumping saddles. I like them both, but I dont know which one would be better.

I do not plan on showing. I'm just going to hack around, go on trails and pop over some jumps. With Gem I won't be jumping, just on Montana.

Does that seem like a good thing to get? Are there any other saddles out there for under around $700 including the gullet system?
And then any advice on what to do would be apprecaited. I'm just honestly stuck in a rut as to what to do. I do need to get a new saddle as my current one is small for me, but I just don't know which one to get. Please help me!

my2geldings 09-25-2008 02:05 PM

Now this is my opinion so lets not start flamming each other here.

I would stay away from wintec at all cost. There was a time when I thought I liked the one I had but I am so glad I have finally sold it and gotten rid of it.

The "easy" gullet change system is nothing but easy to change, the quality is looks like plastic. It's very obvious the saddle is not leather, and tho the saddle is fairly comfortable, it is filled with air which has always made me question the possibility of it leaking with time. The gullet system never makes a really good fit. The options in the tree marely change the tree enough to not cause some serious pinching, rubbing or other back and movement problems.

For what it is $700.00 is extremely expensive for a synthetic saddle when you can get some really nice deent leather saddles for 300.00 more.

I would suggest saving that money and getting yourself a used leather saddle that is in good condition. Stay away from wintec.

appylover31803 09-25-2008 02:14 PM

but what about riding Gem and Montana?
They are two different sizes and I dont have the money to buy 2 saddles.
It's either keep my saddle and ride only Gem, or get a new saddle fitted to Montana and not be able to ride Gem.....

Gingerrrrr 09-25-2008 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by appylover31803
but what about riding Gem and Montana?
They are two different sizes and I dont have the money to buy 2 saddles.
It's either keep my saddle and ride only Gem, or get a new saddle fitted to Montana and not be able to ride Gem.....

what about ride gem western and just get a good saddle for montana.

appylover31803 09-25-2008 03:03 PM

I don't ride western, not to mention we don't have a western saddle, so that's out of the question.

The only saddles we have is my current saddle and Tom's english saddle. Both of them fit Gem, but not Montana. Tom's english saddle is too big for me,and it's for sale.

o0hawaiigirl0o 09-25-2008 04:25 PM

If you can afford the Wintec saddle (I'm assuming it's under $700), then you should be able to afford two separate used saddles. I haven't heard too many good reviews on the Wintec gullet system...
I think if you sell the saddle that you've outgrown, you could afford to buy two used saddles, each for around $250-350. I'd ask around at different barns (most have saddles not being used), farriers, saddle repair people, tack stores, and maybe even vets, because those are all people well involved in the horse community. And then of course there is eBay and you can great great deals there as long as you stick to brand names.

appylover31803 09-25-2008 06:36 PM

someone else just mentioned that to me, and I'm going to keep that in mind.

I do like the fact of a interchangeable gullet since I could change it as my horses gain/lose weight and gain muscle...

IrishRider 09-25-2008 07:03 PM

Saddles are so personal, you'll get mixed reviews no matter what you are looking at. I have heard mixed reviews on almost every saddle, including ones with the easy change gullet system. However, I am still getting a Bates. If your horses truly are two very different sizes, then this system might be your best option for the money. Although eBay is a great place to get used saddles at a great price so it is highly possible that you can find two nice saddles for the combined price of $700 or less. Or as another poster suggested, save an extra $300 and then you have $500/saddle to designate. It's all dependent on what your are comfortable with. I personally do not like synthetic saddles at all. I always have resale value in mind and those Wintecs do not have good resale value. Leather is the way to go in my book. Good luck.

Miss Katie 09-26-2008 07:37 AM

I love Wintecs and have been using them for years. The gullets are actually very easy to change once you get the hang of it. Its only a 5 min job. You can get them with flocking too.

Have you looked into second hand wintecs?? You should be able to get one cheaper than 700. Maybe even one for each of them?

(BTW, I dont know how it works out with currency conversion rates, but 700 for a new pro is half what it is here)

kitten_Val 09-26-2008 10:12 AM

Appy, you can get the wider saddle (which fit whoever is wider horse) and build up the second one with the pads (raising, withers, etc. etc.). I personally found Wintec not to be my dream. :)

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