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BarnBum 01-31-2013 07:24 PM

Fleece Lined Brushing Boots
Okay, three months ago I had boots on my mare (she's base narrow in back and smacks herself so I ALWAYS ride her in boots) while warming up for the dressage phase of our event. I went into the ring, no one noticed my black boots on her, and I got eliminated -.- they let me continue and do the show but still. I paid a lot of money to get eliminated. Ugh.

SO! I've seen these fleece line brushing boots that are BRIGHTLY colored. We're talking neon green, purple, blue, red etc. I'm an Eventer so that appeals me LOL. But I can't find them ANYWHERE. I found a site three days ago but it's disappeared. I want--nay--need these boots!

Can anyone help?!

<3 my horses would appreciate it!!

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