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CrossedUpDraft 02-01-2013 02:12 PM

Ideas for Valentines Day gifts?
I am sure there are plenty of us out there with significant others in our life that are pain the butts to get things for. I am one of those. My boyfriend is one of those that if there is something he wants, he goes out and gets it himself. :think:
Neither of us are are all into Valentines Day, but we are celebrating it anyway. (makes sense right? LOL)

So i was thinking, make something. As in; cupcakes, cookies, something along that nature? His favorite is anything with peanut butter, but i want something that is easy to decorate. Any good recipies?

Or does anyone have any other creative ideas? He's a country boy. Any input would be a huge help. We have to celebrate our Valentines day early though, on the 9th, due to conflicting work schedules, thats why im posting this kind of early.


Cacowgirl 02-01-2013 02:23 PM

Make some P. butter cookies, for fun add some chopped peanuts to the top or drizzle on some chocolate writing. Another favorite is chocolate dipped Big strawberries.

aerie 02-01-2013 02:27 PM

My guy is a country boy too! He loves camping and so last year while he was out I set up a little tent/fort in the living room filled with pillows and blankets, made some chocoloate covered strawberries (I bet you could find some easy peanut butter cookie recipes dipped in chocolate) and place out some marshmallows, put out some candles in like a fire pit sort of thing, and put his favorite move on the TV. We "camped out", cuddled, watched the movie, and "roasted" marshmallows over our "fire". It was really easy and fun and suuuuper cute! :-)

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