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rainey 04-12-2007 07:54 PM

horse attack
Help! I am in Western Kentucky and my idiotic neighbors down the road had a stud horse that has never seen a vet, been immunized, and is ill fed to get out last Saturday morning and viciously attack my 4 mares and one gelding! The gelding has over 33 bites - one all the way to through muscle on his neck! The vet has taken care of all necessary medical needs but I am looking for help with legal recourse. My attorney cannot find anything that covers more than his responsibility to pay medical bills. My 2 yr old is still suffering from symptoms of shock and they are all very,very jumpy which is not thier nature. Most people I have spoken with say there is a possibility that they will not breed easily after this or may not mother if they are bred. 3 are paints and their color is marked up badly with the hoof wounds he inflicted! Does anyone know of any similar situations that ended in sometype of suit? This type of irresponsible behavior has been going on with this neighbor for 15 years and it is time he stop! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rainey

crackrider 04-13-2007 02:03 AM

If the stallion is ill fed perhaps you could report the owners to an animal welfare organisation. They could then investigate the way in which your neighbours are keeping their stallion. If he is mean then they may be able to get your neighbours to geld him or get rid of him if he is a risk to people and other horses. They may also get your neighbours to put the stallion in a more secure paddock if that was part of the reason the stallion got out.
Whatever happens i agree with you! This sort of thing needs to be stopped!!! People should take proper care of their horses and that includes keeping them in a secure paddock!!

Desert Rat 04-13-2007 10:59 AM

Don't know how Ky. is but many states have pretty strict laws on keeping and maintaining stud horses.

horsecrazy15 04-13-2007 05:31 PM

that sounds pretty bad, i hope your horses get over the bad experience soon but yea i do agree he should be reported to animal welfare.

prettypalfrey 04-14-2007 08:08 AM

What is so terrible is that people in courts will give you more money for a damaged car then for an injured animal. I agree that you should report them and now. If he gets out again I believe it will be worse.

rainey 04-14-2007 01:24 PM

Yes, it would seem since KY is supposed to be Horse Country due to the thoroughbred industry that there would be statutes on the books that would protect animals such as mine but there are none!!! I live in a rural portion of KY that is just now beginning to change its education status. We still have many, many backward uneducated people that think this type of thing is normal. In fact, a deputy sheriff called out to take pictures of the damages refused stating that this was "just nature" and I should just play nice with my neighbors. I have treated their animals out of my own pocket and time for 15 years because they dont believe in calling a vet for an animal. It is, afterall, just an animal is their belief! These same neighbors have had dead foals year after year after year because of not taking care of their mares and leaving the stud in with the mares. When I mentioned this to them I was told that this is how horses did it for centuries before man got involved! The stud has b been taken from the farm but that will not solve the problem. I was hoping I could find someone with a similar problem that I could get some type of legal case basis to go on. I have an appointment with an equestrian attorney this week but my damages may not be enough for them to fool with since it is not in the millions like the thoroughbreds of Lexington would be. I have been told by other horse owners I will most likely have to do the research and ground work myself if I want to get anything done. Thanks for all your responses and support. By the way, the horses wounds are healing nicely. We have one surgery on Tuesday that should be minor. It is their spirit that I am worried the most about. There has been a major change in the attitude and temperaments of 3 mares. Thanks again everyone!

ColleenT 04-14-2007 04:39 PM

you probably have to find out thru your township or county what the laws are on escaped livestock or nuisance livestock. i'm surprised your lawyer did not think of that. good luck, i hope your horses are going to be ok.

KANSAS_TWISTER 04-14-2007 10:26 PM

MAKE SURE EVERY THING IS WELL DOCUMENTED AND TAKE PIC'S OF EVERY THING......HORSES AND PLACE OF WHERE IT step go to your local sheriff's dept or police dept and report the attack, they have to go and ivestagate and will determine the condition of the stallion hopefully the stud is badly off where the health dept will be called in ......if not call the health dept and they will direct you on where to go....i live in kansas and a few months ago some people (i can't rememeber where in ks ) but made such a fuss over three horses that barley had no hay or water (the female owner claimed they were arabs and where all built that way) they called the t.v news who came and saw every thing and they called the health dept wich in turned removed the 3 horses.
just remember to document every thing

KANSAS_TWISTER 04-14-2007 10:35 PM

oops missed your last post...jhust egnore the part about the stud and try with the health dept.....hope you kept tabs on what you spent on there horses?

TxHorseMom 04-17-2007 06:22 AM

I'm not sure what the laws in Ky are, but in Tx, you are allowed to shoot any animal that makes you in fear for your life. (and believe me, that stallion would make me afraid.) If this is the case in your state, I would inform the neighbor of this fact and let him know that if his stallion gets out you will shoot to kill. (and then do it.) I know this sounds mean, but this animal is a menace, and should be put out of everyones misery. It's not his fault (sort of) he obviously has never been taught anything, yet alone manners. But that doesn't change anything now.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge (and I'm NOT an attorny) the only thing you can get is actual damages. You will not be able to sue for pain and suffering. (the law considers them only animals and won't let you sue for that.)

I don't mean to add to your concens, but were any of your mares in heat? You may want to give them a shot to abort. You definately don't want a foal from that union.

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