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Rachel1786 02-02-2013 01:44 PM

Something I've been wondering about western and english gullet sizes.
Maybe it's a strange question, but in western saddles, a wide(or FQHB) would be about 7" correct? My English wide is only 6" and it seems you really can't find an English saddle much wider then that, unless you get a draft size. So would a 6" wide tree English saddle fit a horse who normally takes a 7" FQHB western? I know I'm talking in circles a bit. This is pretty much just hypothetical, but I guess I could try it since my moms appy fits FQHB and my TB needs a 6" wide English. FYI, I know there is a lot more to saddle fit then just that, but for this discussion, lets just pretend everything else about the saddle fits and we are only concerned about the front of the saddle :wink:

unclearthur 02-02-2013 03:22 PM

English gullet width can only be measured accurately at the end of the tree points. Since these usually have leather 'flaps' applied, and are fitted into the point pockets, any measurements you take from complete saddles can only be guesstimates.

So '6" gullet' means relatively little in practice, I'm afraid, except in comparison with another English saddle. It's the bar (tree-point) angle that's more relative to width for fitting, exactly the same as it is with QHB, FQHB etc.

I know that's not much help, but unfortunately it's true :)

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