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HorsePoornBigSky 02-04-2013 11:46 PM

Sage's Adventure With Cows (* Picture Heavy *)
Hey everyone, yesterday was such a nice day that I thought Id go for a ride. I went and grabbed Sage and saddled her up. I knew shed be feeling pretty fresh with the time off shes had. Sure enough, she thought it was fun to get spunk out.

After she settled and was listening to me and looking to work I stopped. I hopped on and again checked to see where her mind was. She was right on track and wanting to work.

My brother in-law suggested I go ride through the fields. They own quite a bit of property and have cattle they run on their too. I thought it would be a good experience for her to go up and down the hills. I wanted her to work and pay attention to where she was placing her feet.

On the way out we stopped and said hello to the mules. From there we went to the fields. We checked out a pond that had about a two-three foot drop to it. Then we went up to the hill that over looks an old court house and graveyard. We ran into a cow there, she was off by herself. Once we got closer I could tell she would be calving pretty soon.

We crossed through another field, past a couple ponds. While in that field we rode the fence line. The pond in that field had cattle drinking and hanging around. I stopped to give Sage a breather. Next thing I know the cows are mooing and walking my way. Then the whole herd in that field started coming at us. As they got closer they started trotting towards. I was seriously starting to wonder what their intentions were. lol Sage was alert the entire time. It wasnt until we started walking to the next field and the cattle started trotting along behind us. As soon as we entered that next field another part of the herd was meeting us. Two huge charolee cows came trotting and bawling. lol Poor Sage didnt know exactly what to think. She snorted at them, I trotted her up towards the cows and they dived off running the other direction. It dawned on me, they were curious of us. Mean while they followed us like we had a round bale attached to us.

We continued on with our journey. Two fields later we ran into another herd. This time half was on one side of the fence a few stragglers on the side of the fence we were. I let the cows get close enough to see what we were. The one calf on our side of the fence had enough bravery to actually smell Sages butt. I thought it was funny and backed Sage a few steps. At that point she tried to smell the calf at her flank. We continued are ride, running into a few neighborhood equines. While riding back towards the house I could see the cow that we originally ran into, she had a calf on the ground.

The ride ended nicely.

Calling Sage To Me.

Coming To Me.

Start Of Our Ride.

Meeting The Mules.

The Pond.

First Cow.

Looking Over The Graveyard.

Court House.

HorsePoornBigSky 02-04-2013 11:47 PM

HorsePoornBigSky 02-04-2013 11:47 PM

HorseLovinLady 02-05-2013 01:11 AM

Great pics!!

csimkunas6 02-05-2013 10:14 AM

Wow! That looks like it was a great ride! So gorgeous there!!!

HorsePoornBigSky 02-06-2013 07:49 PM

Thank you. It was a fun ride. I'll be going back to see the calf for sure.

Is the edit option gone? I miss spelled Charolais lol

CLaPorte432 02-06-2013 08:05 PM

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Omg! So cute! And there is one cow that is massively wide! Like...whoa! Triples? Whew!

That little black calf is cute. You should keep it for yourself and to be Sage's friend. ;-)
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smrobs 02-06-2013 08:13 PM

Lovely pictures! I love the first time they meet a herd of cattle, especially when the cattle decide to come at a trot to investigate us.

Pattilou 02-06-2013 10:29 PM

Thanks for taking us along on your ride !

WesternRider88 02-07-2013 01:50 AM

Very nice pictures! Your horse is beautiful, and the calves are so cute. ;D

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