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RebelRising 09-26-2008 08:25 PM

Rebel and I Jumping. We need help!

This is Rebel and I at a show at Myhio Haven Farm. I know my hands are bad, I don't know what happened there they are usually pretty good and I know my leg slipped back but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong why it keeps doing that. Help? :?:

geewillikers 09-27-2008 12:42 AM

I stink at this, but the first thing I see is that you;re not giving him his head. Seems like you're holding onto his mouth?? He's cute, and doesn't seem bothered by it. Patient boy.

steph 09-27-2008 01:35 AM

Well....this isn't the easiest photo to critique because of the angle, but I'll give it a shot! You should shorten your reigns and move your hands up Rebel's neck. That way, you should still feel secure, but he will have his head so he can do what he does best - jump.

I'm thinking some stirrup-less jumping might help your overall position. The leg slipping back is only a symptom. You might be trying to jump "for" your horse, instead of sinking weight into your heels and letting him carry you over the jump. You should throw up some crossrails and practice jumping "with" your horse, not "for" him. I'm going to try to explain what it feels like, but I'll probably fail miserably.

Anyway, if you're just on the ground (as in, you're not on a horse), squat as if you are sitting on a horse. Imagine heading toward the jump. As you imagine Rebel taking off, squat lower - as if you went into two-point - and push your hands (from the elbows, not the shoulders) towards his imaginary ears. When he "lands" pull your hands back to a more normal position and sit up a little. Does that make sense? It's kinda hard to explain....

Just Jump It 09-27-2008 10:52 PM

Your horse is gorgeous and oh so clean!

You are using the reins for support, a big no-no. This is a result of a weak base/core which is forcing you to pull against your horse to kep you from getting left behind. I would do alot more work in two point. This will improve your balance, stamina and strength. You need more strength in your abs and back.

I am wonering if you ride in a chair seat, with your legs thrust ahead of you. Or, do you sit really deep on approach. Either of these set you somewhat behind your hrose's motion, and makes you feel as though your have to throw your upper body over each jump, to keep up with your horse and coompensate for being behind on approach.

Right now, you need to focus on resting your hands on your horses crest, and firmly. You are attempting to release with your upper body instead of with your hands. You have inclined your upper body forward, but your hands have stayed stiff and back in your lap. Focus on sliding your hands up his neck, while your upper body remins still.

Throwing your upper body forward may seem helpful, but it is only hindering your horse by placing excess weight on his front.

As for your leg, it seems to have rolled back, made evident by some space between your knee and the saddle. This also leads me to believe that you ned to work on your overall core strength. Lots and lots of two point!! It will help you lots!!

Good luck!!!

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