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cowgal366 02-06-2013 11:12 AM

How much does it cost annualy??
I'm trying to estimate the annual cost for caring for a horse, before i purchase one. I'm pretty lucky because where i am i would get free board and it would include hay/grain/turnout. But incase i decided to move barns i wanted to have an estimate to go by. Also any expensives that should be included. :D

walkinthewalk 02-06-2013 11:22 AM

If you use the "seach" button in the green bar and type in "cost to own a horse", several threads will come up.

I picked this one because it's the biggest.$-have-139423/

Cost of a horse is a huge variable.

Will you board or keep it on your property?

How much is hay in your area? feed? farrier care? vet care?

Then there's those times the horse might be sick or injured and blows your budget clear into the next lifetime.

Read thru the link and write down any "yes I read that, but--" questions you might have, and post those. That way folks don't have to repeat themselves too much:D

goneriding 02-06-2013 11:26 AM

Hmmm, can you spare a kidney:wink:? I am sure others here will break it down for you, I just do not know where to start. One thing for sure, you need an emergency fund/horsey nest egg. Your knowledge will play a part in how many vet bills you will have. Gosh, you will need money:think:, farrier, vet, tack, wormer and other medical stuff including shots, grooming supplies, truck and trailer, more money:shock:....

DraftyAiresMum 02-06-2013 11:30 AM

It really depends on your area. In my area, board ranges anywhere from around $100 a month (you provide your own feed and your horse is out 24/7/365) to $900 a month for the one fancy barn with all amenities included. My old barn was $275-325 a month, depending on if you chose self or full care board (only alfalfa hay included, if you needed anything else fed, it was extra, and you did your own turnouts and blanketing). My new barn is $185 a month for an outside stall and $225 for an inside, but includes alfalfa or grass (or a mix at your request), daily turnout, blanketing, grain, and stalls cieaned at least once a day.

Depending on if your horse is shod or not, in my area a year's worth of trims is about $300 (averaging a trim every eight weeks) or $850 for shoes on all four. Again, that's with my farrier; other farriers charge more.

Now, take the average cost of board in my area (we'll say $300 a month) and add the cost of farrier work (assuming you horse is shod on all four), and we're at $4450 for the year. Once you add in shots, deworming, teeth floating, tack/blankets and incidentals (show entry fees, fly spray, any special grain or supplements your horse might need, etc), I'd say you'd be pushing $7000 a year to keep a horse (decently) in my area.
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Speed Racer 02-06-2013 11:31 AM

Whatever you have in your bank account, plus $100. Every month. :rofl:

Seriously though, as with anything having to do with horses, it depends on a lot of different factors.

TurnNBurn144 02-06-2013 11:34 AM

well i just got done figuring this out because i havent boarded in a few years. you have board: anywhere from $250 - $800 a month. farrier can be anywhere from $35-$150 every 4-6 weeks. you have to have an annual coggins and shots (someplaces spring and fall shots) mine are $175 for shots and coggins. then you have your tack so you need to have saddle, pads, girth, bridle, bit, reins, brushes, blankets just in case. then you need an emergency fund. trust me $3000 goes fast if they get hurt on a holiday and after hours -_- then if you take lessons you add that into the mix. basically your checkbook will hate you :)
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With Grace 02-06-2013 11:37 AM

Way too many variables to give a definitive answer...everyone does it differently and depending on location, associated costs are different.

I've owned my girl almost a year and have spent 12K to have her (all inclusive:boarding, vets, vets and vets again, blankets, training, farrier..not including all my tack, in this number as I'll have it forever and it isnt a yearly expense. This also doesnt include show fees, which will be around $3500 this year)

Incredibly expensive, which is why it took 37 years to finally be at a place I could afford it. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

Breezy2011 02-06-2013 11:45 AM

Before I got my horse, I had to do a lot of research too. I get free board where my filly is at, but I have to do choirs when they need me. So boarding is not an issue for me. My parents (I am 15) said they would pay for the horse, for my 15th birthday, but I had to pay for farrier, vet(they would help, if i needed them though) all the tack and supplies, grain if I fed it to her, and everything a horse would need.

So far things have gone good. Breeze was 150 dollars, and I have spent around 300 dollars on her already, in 5 months, I have not had to pay any vet bills yet, but... Also I live in Canada, so it is different from the state

Here the farrier costs 20 dollars But in the state it costs more, save around 50 dollars for farrier everytime you need it.

A vet exam costs 70-90 dollars here, just an exam, not sure there, but put away as much as you can for vet bills. There is also wormer, costing 20 dollars a tube, you will need that every fall and spring, maybe more. ( I only worm my horse in fall and spring)

Tack... put away around 1000 dollars for tack, so when you need it, you can buy a good saddle, bridle, saddle pads, reins, bits, etc. You might not need that much, but saddles are expensive.

Supplies... you need to buy grooming stuff like brushes, hoofpicks, etc, shampoo and conditioner if you are wanting to show, blankets if your planning to blanket, including a winter blanket, and fly sheets, or coolers. Shipping boots are useful when hauling your horse, fly masks, all this coming close to around 700 dollars give or take.

For you...the rider... prober footwear like riding boots, if your planning on showing, then nice showing clothes, maybe even riding gloves, depending on what you are going to do... comes to around 500 dollars, boots are expensive.

You do not need to save all the money at once, like me, I just buy what I need when I need it, like right now I am broke, but I have the stuff I need. Since I don't have a job, I am just doing small tasks that get me enough money to put towards my horse. I got smart this way, and got a younger horse so I don't have to pay for tack right away, and I also wanted to train it myself... so it worked out.

If you are wanting to save for everything right away, I would save a minimum of 3000 dollars, not including the price of the horse... you will need a lot of the money for sudden vet bills, you could even start a savings account that goes right towards your horse, and don't use that money for anything other then the horse.

Hope I helped, but I might not be that accurate.

Breezy2011 02-06-2013 11:52 AM

Also, the price I gave, 3000$ is only for starter, you will need to be saving much more then that because horses are expensive.

cowgal366 02-06-2013 12:00 PM

Walkinthewalk I'll do that next time i'm new to this and still figuring it out. Thanks tho.

Breezy2011 Thank you that was very helpful. I have some of the things that i need but i have to get different saddle because the gelding that i'm hoping to purchase is a fatty. lol But it was very helpful you listing it out.

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