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Rowzy 02-07-2013 02:53 PM

To sell or not?
Lately I have been considering selling Gypsy. It has been something that I have thought about before in the past but I was too young/emotionally attached etc. But now I'm older, know more what I want in a horse, and have been away from Gypsy enough while in school to realize that we really aren't a good pair for each other anymore.

A couple reasons I am considering selling her:

- I think I'm too heavy for her. While she could probably carry somebody my weight if they had a good seat, I don't and I feel bad about it. I'm 5' and 160 lbs, so I need an 18" saddle, which seems too long for her short back.

- Gypsy is an amazing trail horse, which was great when that's all I wanted to do. Problem is that I don't own a trailer or have trails to ride to, plus I just don't want to only trail ride anymore.

- Lets be honest, I don't have the best seat or quietest hands. I am a rusty rider that was never very advanced in the first place. I don't need a horse that is bombproof, but when it comes for asking for the horse to do something I really need a horse that will do what I want if I ask right, but let me know if I'm doing something wrong, not a green horse.

- I got Gypsy when I was 13, didn't have any right to own a horse with my lack of knowledge, and definitely had no clue what I wanted.

- A lot of the time when I ride her, I get frustrated, she gets frustrated, I get more frustrated (you see the trend?). It's not enjoyable.

Now, this is a lot of evidence to sell her. So why haven't I?

- I have had her since I was 13 - no matter what I say, there's still some sort of attachment there. Plus, some people seem to think that I have an 'obligation' to her, but I don't really agree with that.

- Sometimes we have great rides, usually when I'm at the almost-decided-to-sell-her stage. For example, last Friday my barn was having a trail obstacle course get together. There were a lot green riders and green horses, kids running around with minis, and of course 'scary' things she had never seen before. She was amazing, never really spooked or did anything bad, and tackled everything like it was no big deal (impressing everybody that was there too).

- I probably wouldn't be able to find the kind of horse I need with the money I get from selling her. Leasing or taking lessons for awhile is always an option, but that would require finding the right horse and the right trainer, neither of which seem to exist locally.

- Finding the right person for her is going to be hard. She is a great trail horse, would probably make a great competitive trail or endurance project, but is not so great in the arena. She is small and cute, but even though she has no dangerous habits, she is too much horse for a small kid or not confident rider. Pretty much, the best fit would be a small adult/teenage trail rider.

I know most people are going to say to sell her, but I just need to talk to people about it that know what they are talking about. And thank you to anybody that read the entire thing, this ended up a lot longer than I intended

Ashleysmardigrasgirl 02-07-2013 03:05 PM

Sounds like you thought this through and it isn't selfish. Sounds to me like you want to do what's best for your horse and yourself. Good luck with your decision. :)

Dustbunny 02-07-2013 03:17 PM

It sounds like you have given this a lot of rational thought. For a lot of us it is difficult to part with our "friends" but unless you have the room and funds to just let them hang out, letting them go is the best. It allows them to be used and enjoyed by another rider and it gives you the freedom to move on.
You also have the right to not sell to any individual if you are not comfortable with the deal. Keep that in mind if you get a case of the creeps about a possible buyer.
Good luck to you. If you have the desire to grow and improve as a rider, you will.

kenda 02-07-2013 03:26 PM

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If the information on your horse's profile is correct and she is only 9 years old, I don't think you really need to worry about the "obligation" thing. I personally see that as more they situation when someone has a horse who faithfully carried them through years of riding and then the horse starts to get older and has to slow down and maybe retire, or gets injured or arthritic and then the owner wants to get rid of them so they can buy a younger horse instead of letting the horse have his well-earned retirement. This is not your situation, you have a horse with plenty of good years left and you're looking at doing your best to find a good home where she fits better.

Cacowgirl 02-07-2013 06:04 PM

There are lots of riders that want small athletic horses-all you can do is put the ad out there & see who turns up. You didn't say her height though, I'm just assuming 14.2-15.2? As the seller, you have control of the sale.Good luck on finding her a home to make her happy.

Rowzy 02-10-2013 04:26 PM

Thanks everybody :). Gypsy is actually about 11 or 12, but still pretty young. My best guess on height is 14 hands-ish? I'm 5' and her withers come up to my shoulders.

When I was at the barn the other day I tried getting some photos of her but all of them made her look skinny even though she isn't right now, she just has no muscle. Any ideas for getting flattering/attention getting pictures?

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