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GlassPlatypus 02-08-2013 01:29 PM

A Thread for the Horseless
How about a thread for those of us on here who don't have our own horses?

You can discuss anything- do you ride other people's horses? Do you have a job in the equine industry? Did you have a horse of your own once, but now don't for whatever reason?

For me personally, I have never had a horse. Always wanted one growing up, (and we lived in the country, and could've had them) but parents consistently said "no!" :-(

Rode lots of ponies as a kid, and occasionally rented trail-riding horses as an adult, until I moved to a place where that is no longer an option. Where I live, horses are cheap, but boarding fees are not, no horse ownership on my current budget seems out of the question. So now I pretty much have no involvement with real horses, unfortunately. So, instead of riding (which I wish I could do!) I spend most of my free time online, looking at forums like this one.

How do other horseless members cope?

Luce73 02-08-2013 03:44 PM

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Hey! I'm also one of those who has never owned a horse. I had lessons from age 9-13 and then quit as the stable was too far away (about an hour and a half drive) and my sister quit so my parents didnt wanna drive me all the way out there anymore. The only stable closer to home, where I could have gone by myself, was a LOT more expensive, and we just didnt have that kind of money. I did spend most of my days (winter, rain, snow, hail, sunshine :D) On the central square in my city, where there were a couple of carriages from a company which did tours for tourists. In the 3 year that I hung around there I learned a lot, and became quite close with the drivers and the horses! I even learned the basics of driving from them, and knew most of the 'tourist guide' by heart, since they often let me come along on tours.

When I moved to Argentina I found a stable, which is where I now have 1 or 2 lessons a week. I've started jumping (looooowwww haha) on the lesson horses there. The one thing I miss is the caring for the horses, since the barn has grooms who do EVERYTHING (tacking up, cinching up, takign the horse to the mounting block) So the only thing I get to is ride, while I would like to gain more experience all other areas of horsemanship :)

Since my university is right between the stable where I ride and the racetrack (NOT a horsey study btw!!) I spend my breaks sitting next to the pens where there is a gorgeous gelding I have absolutely fallen in love with over the last two weeks. I sit there 4x10-20 minutes a day, and he's started nickring when he sees me coming. He is my dreamhorse, but I dont think he's for sale, and I am not in the position to own a horse at the moment anyway :( I can only hope that when I do get to the point where I'm looking to buy, he will be available :)

Funny story what happened with him today, I was sitting on a high root next to his pen, and had my open waterbottle set between my knees while I was petting him (he puts his head over the fence and basically in my lap lol so cute!) he was investigating if he could eat it, and while he sniffed it he blew out and it made the low whistling noise you get when you blow over the top of a bottle. He jumped backwards and didnt feel like checking it out some more haha. He did put his head back over the fence though, albeit while keeping a close eye on the horse eating waterbottle!!

He's such a cutie... if only... :wink:
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Cacowgirl 02-08-2013 04:51 PM

Aww...he looks sweet! Welcome to the horse forum. I love having a "horsey" place to come to.

Annanoel 02-08-2013 04:58 PM

I do too! Love this forum, I drooled here before I got horses. My getaway before the barn, lol. I was horseless for years, and have now gotten to the place where I can have horses. My arabian and my qh, I'd be lost without them. I feel horseless sometimes though, working full time and in school full time can really take a toll. Even if I can get out there for five minutes and hear them nicker and whinny it's so worth it to me.

horsecrazygirl 02-08-2013 05:01 PM

I am horseless person!
I ride my neighbors horse Jazz. He is a TWH. Also is a palomino!
I love this forum because i don't feel so completely isolated. Im the only horse nut most people know.

Annanoel 02-08-2013 05:05 PM

I feel the same there with you horsecrazygirl. I get the craziest looks when I venture to the store in barn clothes. The other night I has snow frozen up my pant legs, and still went to the store! Didn't want to dirty the house and didn't feel like changing to clean clothes only to get dirty again. Leaving a wet foot print, arena sand and hay trail around the store while one of the clerks followed me with a mop! :P

EliRose 02-08-2013 06:47 PM

I'm technically horseless, but not, if that makes sense :shock:. I'm (hopefully!) bringing home my lease horse within the next week, and I'm going to have him for a year. He's not my first lease horse, but he is the first one I actively searched for myself :-).

I'm a junior in high school, and I'm probably moving very far away for college (to Montana, Vermont or Kansas), so purchasing a horse right now isn't very feasible. I was looking to buy, I decided that leasing would just be far easier.

I might end up purchasing my lease horse if I get a scholarship, but I'm not holding my breath.

Northernstar 02-08-2013 07:24 PM

I was horseless until 2 yrs ago, and it all happened before I knew it! I had worked in a few large stables in the past, and trail riding in State Parks (1 hr guided) for years. So.... two years ago, as I was visiting a neighbor's horse @ the local boarding stable, the BO told me one of the boarder's are looking for a good loving owner for their QH mare, (daughter was going to college), gave me their name & number, I made contact, and within a week I became the owner of my first horse!!! Who would have ever imagined? But the daughter just loved me, and knew I would provide for Star very well. By that July, we had built a nice shed/fencing, and brought her home!!!! Then, just this past Aug., a lady who worked @ the local feed store where I shop, approached me one day and asked if I would take one of her very well trained beautiful Morgans, as she couldn't afford the hay this year....(husband died in a sailing accident) So, I became the owner of a Morgan along with my QH. For free! - both are registered, and grand-daughters of world champions (I would love them regardless of pedigree), and I wasn't even looking for a horse! I love them with all my heart, and can't imagine never having them. I believe that all things are possible, and there can be exciting surprises around every corner. For those of you longing for a horse, don't lose heart, because you never really know just when these things come about, and at un-expected moments! Keep the faith :)

Luce73 02-09-2013 10:35 AM

Nice to know I'm not the only horseless person out here :p

I had my lesson today, and of course I had to ask my trainer about the horse I like so much... Turns out the gelding is a mare :$ :$ :$ Yeah, I know, I hadnt looked at the 'parts', just went off the face and decided it looked like a boy :p She's a pretty good mare too! Her name is Ojos Verdes Oronda, with Ojos Verdes being the name of the place she was bred. Found a video of her on youtube..

Of course now I want her even more, and there is even less chance I'll ever be able to buy her... Maybe I can strike a deal with the owner that I can get her when they decide to retire her... *sigh* I think she's only like five though... Long wait ahead :p


boots 02-09-2013 04:34 PM

I don't own any. I have a regular non-horse related job, work as a polo groom (busy during our season, less so during off season), and do day work on ranches when I can. Do some horse rehab work on referral from an area vet.

I don't need one of my own. Really don't have a use or the time for one. My name is on the papers of a grazing association and the association owns a few. Those are there to get miles, learn a skill, and be marketed. I don't consider that I own any of those. I never even know which ones belong to the association and which are outside horses there for fine tuning.

Thinking back, I have owned very few horses relative to the amount of time I spend with them. Recently I've considered leasing one for the summer from one of the hunting outfitters around, just to have one nearby to plod around on and lend to visitors when they want to ride.

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