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sillyhorses 02-08-2013 07:43 PM

Engineering and Outdoor Arena... not an engineer :P
So, we have a 70 x 200 area that I'd like to turn into a large outdoor arena. HUGE expense to complete this project "correctly" I know... it is a larger area than a standard dressage arena.

We had our barn professionally designed/built... trying to save some money on the outdoor arena. I believe that with some research, and patience, we can do this ourselves with the help of some friends and do a darned-good, professionally-designed rivaling arena. We have a solid natural clay base and people knowledgeable, skilled and willing to do the required excavating work. Now what? :-|

So, I have used an online calculator to determine that a 3" sand footing would end up being just under 130 cubic feet (for a 70 x200 area). What do I put in between the clay and the sand? I've read everything from crushed granite (4-6" deep) with an equal layer of crushed limestone, to just throwing down a 4"-6" layer of crushed stone and then the sand... we will be tiling the edges and using our escavating tools to create a build-up in the center to encourage drainage (to the ditches)...

Anyone experienced in creating a functional, diy outdoor arena, I'd love your input! Particularly, WHAT do I put between the clay and sand layers? AND, what type of sand (I know that "course" types of sand that have been washed and screened provide better traction, but that's about it). Thanks!

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