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Spkyneux 02-09-2013 10:25 AM

Worst fall you've had?
Falling, ouch!

What's the worst fall you've had in all your time riding?

Usually I'm pretty good about falling. Don't get me wrong, sometimes on the back of a jump I'll spring onto the horse's neck but I haven't actually fallen into the dirt for quite some time.
My worst fall ever was on a post-rainy day a few years ago. Only I and one other rider were out, a car screeched near the arena and both of us fell off of our horses. I had a huge blue bruise from my knee to my bellybutton for a while. :/

englishjumper16 02-10-2013 11:54 AM

Well my worst fall was about seven years ago I was showing one of my friends (She was about 4 years older than me) that I could canter. We were cantering around the arena and we met going down the center line. Her horse decided that it wanted to bite the horse I was riding and her horse moved half way across the arena next to me and tried to bite my horse. My horse (of course) had to kick out at her horse and I was hanging off of the side. My horse started galloping and I fell off. My mother took me to the hospital because I fell on my hip and I couldn't walk. I was in crutches for 3 weeks!

Spkyneux 02-10-2013 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by englishjumper16 (Post 1887598)
I was in crutches for 3 weeks!

Wow that's insane!

FGRanch 02-10-2013 12:24 PM

Usually I am the queen of falling off, I've been known to do flips land on my feet still holding the reins on my way off lol BUT I have hit the ground, never bad tho. The worst time I was riding a 4 year old just gelded horse for the first time, he was doing good (my trainer said she had done lots of ground work) all of a sudden he just cut loose and I biffed 'er sideways, fell and cracked 3 ribs and broke one.

Jake and Dai 02-10-2013 12:59 PM

My worst fall was the one where I didn't actually get hurt other than bruising.

It was a very long time ago. I was learning how to jump on my TB and as I was heading toward a very small 18" cross rail, he started to drift. I didn't manage to get him back centered and my foot hooked on the jump standard, rocking it. He landed and took off startled and I started to fall to the right. I was scrambling to get back centered and had just about managed it when he ducked out the opposite way and over his shoulder I went, flat on my back. LOL

LynnF 02-10-2013 07:07 PM

My worst fall happened this summer, I was riding out in the field on a young horse and the neighbors dog decided it would be a fun day to jump out and start chasing my horse (teeth bared, ears pinned not just a fun game of chase). I can't blame the horse for taking off and bucking, I rode for 5 good bucks then came off. I landed on the ground and he caught me with a hoof in the back of the head as he bucked over top of me. I remember the bucking and being in the hospital 8 hours later. Thats about it. I was dizzy and had headaches for almost 4 months after. I was back on a horse about a week later.

Lexiie 02-10-2013 07:14 PM

Two years ago. Stupidest thing I've ever done.

So, my friend owns a bucker. I mean, you just go to get on and BAM, he bucks. Yes pain is ruled out, no he's not cold backed, he's just a bucker.
She wanted to ride bareback with me, but was too nervous to get on. She asked me to ride first, and I said okay. He was fine, but after my leg was across his back, he chucked a HUGE buck, and i literally flipped over backwards and my right calf hit the corner of the step-up I was using. My whole calf was black. literally, for over two months. Now I have a dent in the muscle where it never grew back. Also 4 inches surrounding that dent is numb. There's no feeling there.
I don't remember it being very painful, but the bruising definitely hurt.

I absolutely loved showing people my black leg, it was great. I showed all of my teachers and my friends. lol

Canterklutz 02-10-2013 07:37 PM

My scariest fall was when my horse reared up and went backward on me. I've also been trampled and had a horse flip and roll over my leg. I wasn't seriously hurt. The worst injuries I've sustained have been serious concussions from falling asleep while riding.

Poseidon 02-10-2013 07:54 PM

I was loped over 3 years ago. That was cool..

I was taking senior pictures for high school on a mare (not mine, as I did not own mine at the time) that I was very fond of and happens to be the reason for my username. I was bareback. At the time, I wasn't very good at it, but decent. Friend/photographer asked if I'd lope, which I'd never done. She assures me that it's not bad. It wasn't and I loped around fine.

Then, as I had the mare stop to take a picture, I was caught off guard looking all pretty and she took off back to the corral (we were in the middle of a field). I didn't think and wrapped my arms around her neck, slipped sideways and fell in front of her. She did a couple more strides before i opened my eyes and saw her belly.

Somehow, I was completely fine other than some scratches and bruises. Including a full hoofprint on my shoulder blade that was only scratched in. She managed to just glance me everytime rather than completely crushing my chest.

My friend about peed her pants watching it and was not impressed when I stood up and asked if she got a picture. :lol: I was and still am a bit disappointed that the hoofprint didn't scar. I had the two ends for a while, but they've since faded.

AnrewPL 02-10-2013 09:11 PM

1) Smashed out of the saddle by a tree under the jaw, then off the horse by another tree across the chest at the gallop; broken jaw, tongue nearly bitten clean off a bunch of cracked teeth (bits still fall of occasionally), massive concussion, broken ribs.
2) Horse fell out from under me at the trot, I landed in front of the horse, it jumped up and ran right over the top of me, hoof in my right eye socket, another on my right hand and a third in the back of the head, I had only just put new shoes on her the day before. Massive concussion and all cut up about the head. In and out of consciousness for about 6 hours.
3) Training a horse and was riding it around the yard bareback and got a little cockier than I had the right to and after she started to buck, and I was on her clowning around, she dumped me right on my tailbone; could hardly walk for about 3 weeks.
4) First ever saddlebronc ride I came out of the chute, marked out and everything, was going fine until I got loosened up and got dumped right on my tailbone, again (only about 8 months after the first time) have had lower back problems ever since.

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