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howrsegirl123 02-09-2013 06:41 PM

Jump ideas
I need some good simple jumping exercises to try at home. Right now I'm only jumping cross rails and low verticals, and I haven't jumped with my horse much, so I need some confidence boosters. My dad's making me jumps standards and I've got some poles...I'll probably end up with 4 or 5 jumps. I also want to do really small cross rails and have my horse just trot over them in a straight line. How far apart would they need to be for trotting? What are some small course or gymnastic ideas?
Thanks in advance!
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Audacious14 02-10-2013 09:32 AM

Gymnastics are always a lot of fun. :) My lesson teacher makes them up for my horse for a confidence boost (he didn't have any confidence riding when we first got him). We're still working on it, but he's 100% better!

My lesson teacher always likes to set up a gymnastic containing: 1 pole in the front, a small vertical next, an other small vertical or cross rail and finally another pole at the end. Let your horse go through it both ways a couple of times and make sure you don't fuss with your horse in the middle of the gymnastic: he has to figure and think it out on his own.

Last lesson, my teacher got a little creative. To get us off the rail and thinking, bending, and moving, we jumped 2 little verticals on a constant circle. Harder then it looks! My horse kept wanting to get strong, but after he understood the concept, he settled quite nicely. Do it both ways to get your horse bending its body both directions. If you ride with a friend, try to get it so you both jump at the same time on opposite jumps on the circle. My friend and I tried it (make sure you make the circle larger). It's a good way to collect your horse(or make your horse move out) and pay attention.

Hope these helped! :)

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