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barrelbeginner 02-10-2013 02:25 PM

Laroy the 15yr old Mustang:)
I Don't know much about Laroy other then what my brother has told me. My brother bought him about a week ago on Tuesday and He had not been worked with or touched/messed with in over a year. He is 15 and was caught when he was around 3 ish. He is brown I believe.. I posted a picture before.
Anyways, the first day we brought him home.. was at night actually so not much. He was spooky and snorting all over the place.. and spooked over the lightest of movement. The next day. my brother caught him.. took him about 1 hr to catch. and then worked with him in the round pen for 3 hours! got a saddle on him. but couldnt get him to stand still. So let him back out.
I started working with him after that.. since the 3rd day we had him. The first day I worked with him on getting used to me and what not. Then from then on I can now catch him in the pasture:)) and pick up his feet. what not. and saddle him. TODAY! I got him to stand still for me.. so I could put my foot in the stirup and pulled myself up. BUT NOT over..:) thats our progress so far:) pretty good for 4 days I believe:) ish:)

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