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melinda27858 09-28-2008 09:06 PM

Fella's new family
We have again moved to a new barn. The owner of the barn we moved to in May is having health problems that are forcing him to close and sell. After moving to the new barn seven days ago, Fella just seemed out of sorts. The BM put him in a pasture next to her WB/TB pregnant mare and an Arab yearling gelding. He took to the mare very quickly and when the mare and yearling were moved to another area, he quickly lost it! I showed up to the barn on Friday to see him sweating from head to tail, pacing back and forth and screaming. She said he had been doing that for a couple of hours....she had tried feeding him his evening meal to see if that would calm him down, but he wouldn't stop to eat.
Now, he has never done well being put out with other horses...either he finds someone inferior to terrorize or he is a total outcast. He can't be with any horses that will pick on him at night, as we are sure he is nightblind and has been known to go through fences. BUT we decided that maybe we should try putting them together to see how they would do just to save his sanity! As soon as he was released into their pasture, he calmed right down and began to graze! It makes me so happy that he can be part of a herd!
So here is his new family; the WB/TB paint, Coley (aka Mama), is his new girlfriend. The Arab gelding, Ace, is his new playmate. The QH dun, Jade....well, they just avoid each other!

Gingerrrrr 09-28-2008 10:08 PM

aww! cute!

FGRanch 09-28-2008 10:30 PM

Fella looks awesome! Glad to hear that he is doing good with the herd. Sometimes you just have to let them duke it out (as long as noone is getting hurt to bad) for a couple of days before they really settle in!

my2geldings 09-28-2008 11:35 PM

Glad to hear things are finally working out. Give him more time and things will settle down more. A great photo by the way :)

PoptartShop 09-29-2008 05:58 AM

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Aww very cute! :)

ARKO-III 09-29-2008 02:10 PM

Oh is very beautiful!

melinda27858 09-29-2008 10:13 PM

Update on the family situation! My horse is a womanizer. He has dropped the TB/WB to the wayside and has moved on to the dun. They wouldn't have anything to do with each other for the past couple of days, but I was told he spent the better half of the day grooming his new girl, Jade. Again, I am just so happy he has friends!

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