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laurachristine 02-11-2013 06:21 PM

Ovation Sync vs Troxel Intrepid
I'm going to order myself a new helmet for my next IHSA show and I was wondering what you guys thought of these helmets. I don't have a huge price range, but if I have to wait and save I'll do that. The thing is, I looked at a wide range of helmets and these two looked the best to me. I only ride once a week right now so I'm not interested in buying a really expensive helmet, under 100 dollars preferably. And I need it to be all black to wear in the show. I like the matte look and not so much the shiny black look, and a helmet that is not a technical velvet show helmet is fine for IHSA.

I know some people on this forum have had bad reviews of the Troxel Intrepid but I really like how it looks. The Ovation Sync would be my second choice. Any opinions or reviews?

Thank you very much!

tim62988 02-11-2013 08:46 PM

if you want to buy online that is fine but before you buy a helmet online find one to try on

the ovation and the troxel fit 2 very different head shapes, find a friend, find a store just make sure to find somewhere to try them each on because the more comfortable your helmet is the more you will wear it.

I have the ovation deluxe schooler, got it for $75 I think and on my head it's super comfortable, my wife really likes her $40 troxel because it fits her head better

joseeandjade11 02-12-2013 09:01 PM

I bought the troxel intrepid and i really love it :) Super light and comfy

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