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DieselPony 02-12-2013 03:24 PM

Job Rant
Sorry everyone, I don't like ranting, but I am currently trying to write a professional email on this and its not going well haha. So maybe some ranting will clear the mind.

I work (or worked) at this job for the past year. Went up the chain and managed. Stepped down as I went back to school full time. All good, I was asked to stay on part time. So I did.

And then start the railroading! New manager was hired, and then fired, but manager doing the training clearly has a problem with me. After being asked to stay I was taken off the schedule. Yey food! Oh wait...never mind.
And then a drastic pay cut. Yey home! Oh crap...

Now how did that turn out legal? Pay roll form (the nice, legal document that states my position and pay rate), well I signed it. And ta-da! That is not what I agreed to. But, my signature and no way to prove I wasn't aware of the rate stated on the form I signed. Hmm. Fishy. But at least the second time there was a witness to the change of the form. But of course witness doesn't want to say anything.
So a little choked that my "friends" are also just stepping back and turning a blind eye to this crap. I miss the old team. Who are absolutely astounded by what they are hearing. I took pictures of forms I fill out now.

I was trying to talk to my parents but they don't care. I'm just over reacting. Well yeah! I didn't spend the past 4 years of my life working on a bachelors degree majoring in Human Rights and Labour relations to work in a job that has an offensive, law breaking manager.

I have been told that after I gave my notice that my previously scheduled shifts were cut. I haven't called yet to find out yet as I'm waiting on an appointment time that effects a shift I may have to switch. But honestly now I'm debating even showing up. Its a part time useless job that clearly I'm not needed at. And my resignation form was already changed to not up for rehire. So who cares.

Crap. Me. I can't just walk away from a job. Even if I am being treated this way. I am having a very hard time putting my name on the email to the HR department because I still feel bad for the rest of the team still working there.

So really, do I have to go to my last shifts? If it even exists. It should exist. Can't cut hours after notice. But my team isn't standing up for me, my manager doesn't want me there and it is not worth the pay. Gosh darn brain. Just be a bad employee for once! I keep trying at jobs even after I've checked out.

I did keep this clean. Yey me. Email may go better than expected. Also helps that I just took some anger out on the roommate haha. What Canadian doesn't know who Tom Connors is? Or who Great Big Sea is. Oh boy.

Maple 02-12-2013 03:29 PM

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Who asked you to stay on? Is there a higher up than your direct manager. Surely there is somebody you can speak to about your concerns? Did you build a relationship with one of the "higher ups" in your time working through the chain that possibly you could speak to them about how you feel.

wetrain17 02-12-2013 03:51 PM

Um, what? Couldnt follow your post OP. All I got out of that was you may not show up for your last few shifts. All I can say to that is, don't burn your bridges. It will come back to haunt you.

BCtazzie 02-12-2013 05:03 PM

Diesel Pony, I know how you feel. this time last year I was trying to get things worked out with my then employer. Worked hours missing, hours that where on there where less then minimum wage, so called pay increased (signed new paper work stating this) nowhere to been seen.

Showing up and my pay check being short $250 was the last straw for me. 12 months later, I'm still trying to get the $2000 (just over) via employment standards yet it's looking more and more I will never see a months worth pay and they got a month of work done for free. I am not even chasing monies from the pay increase. just hours worked and minimum wage.

Send the email, there is fraud going on there.

As for staying or no showing up, it is your call. I walked out as I was owed a month wages and was not willing to give anymore of my time and skills for free.

If I was in you situation, I would bite the bullet, complete my shifts and after that not waste any more time worrying about it.

BornToRun 02-12-2013 05:23 PM

If there is fraud, I would say just walk away. I didn't show up for my two weeks, my manager didn't even read my letter and told me not to come back. I wouldn't worry about it too much. You don't want to burn any bridges, but not everyone is going to check back with your previous employers when you apply for a new job.

DieselPony 02-12-2013 05:39 PM

Yeah, that is what happens when I type while having a conversation in real life. I tend to type as if I am talking to someone who has a clue what I am saying. Sorry 'bout that.

Anyone higher up than the DM would be in the head office. Who I have never dealt. There is extreme divides in the company. HR department is who I am being in contact with. They are the ones with my altered forms. Comparing my copies to the copies they received.

I was asked to stay on by the entire new team, managers and DM. It was assumed training the new manager would go easier if someone (me) could be there with them. But since the DM went back home the manager everyone is having issues with took control. So she is doing double work now. She fired the new manager. Which leads me to believe the DM is somehow completely clueless (which I doubt) or that, more likely, the DM is okay with the manager taking control of both locations. Which are 3+ hours away depending on time of day.

And I wish I COULD miss my last shifts. As in I don't want to deal with that place anymore but I just can't bring myself to do it.

Just wouldn't it be nice to be able to walk away from a job that you hate easy-peasy? I'm just glad I was only there one year and I only need to give one weeks notice.

And with employer back checks: there is so much turnover in this company due to the industry that no one will remember who I am. Before I was manager I went through 3 managers. Now 2 in the past month.
Due to this I am spending most of my reference-gaining time on my professors. I have no "real" work experience for my degree so would rather have those that taught me it saying I could do it then worry about some random job I had to pay for my school.
And on my employment record with this company, it is apparently checked off that I was fired and not up for re-hire. Not what my copy says.

Saddlebag 02-13-2013 08:39 AM

Who is the senior officer? That is the person to talk to, in person. if you feel it is falling on deaf ears, ask for the name and phone number of who he accounts to. He needs to know your are willing to go up the chain of command and may make to effort to get this resolved. That's his job. To send an email it appears you are afraid of a face to face.

Faceman 02-13-2013 08:48 AM

Just an observation that, should you take legal action, you have said several things in your posts here that are fodder for the company, and by posting them here you have made them a matter of public record. An investigator with any snap at all can find them...

Clayton Taffy 02-13-2013 08:59 AM

Did not understand your post at all, way too difficult to read.

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