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diadem 02-13-2013 12:25 PM

head injuries
does anyone have any pics of head injuries from riding accidents I would like to show it to someone who has no respect for people who wear helmets

Endiku 02-13-2013 12:37 PM

Well honestly the only head injury I got while riding was actually when I was wearing a helmet. Not BECAUSE of the helmet, but it obviously didn't really do anything.

I wear a helmet, and I think its a good idea because its better safe than sorry, but I wouldn't go out of my way to convince someone else it was a good idea if I had no legal ties to them. Its their choice. If they want to run a bigger risk of splitting their heads, they can be my guests. I likely won't change their mind anyways.

Speed Racer 02-13-2013 12:45 PM

If they don't have any respect for people who wear helmets, what makes you think showing them pics of head injuries is going to change their mind?

The pictures and videos of horrific traffic accidents shown to teens and even adults haven't stopped them from not wearing seatbelts, or talking/texting on their cellphones while driving.

People will only take precautions if they feel they need to. If they don't feel a need there's nothing you can say, do, or show them to convince them otherwise. Unless you're their mother or employer, you really have no say in what another adult does.

jaydee 02-13-2013 12:59 PM

I have a 6 inch scar from the side of my right eye, over the top of my ear and around the side of my head but no photos of what it looked like when it happened
I have to say though that these things are just like everything else - you dont take notice until it actually happens to you and even then you carry on with other high risk things that could have equally bad consequences
Wearing a helmet is down to the individual and its your right to wear one. If people ridicule you for that then just explain how it works but remember its also their right to not wear one so you have to allow them that.

beau159 02-13-2013 01:10 PM

If someone shows no respect for someone who wears a helmet, I highly doubt they are a very respectful person in general about anything. Period. Just one of those people.

Whoever this person is, I wouldn't hang out with them or be around them.

It doesn't happen very often, but I do get a "comment" every so often about my choice of wearing a helmet. For the most part, I just ignore them. But, if I did have someone in my group who rags on people about wearing helmets, you can bet I am not going to be very nice to that person and will find something to point fingers at THEM for.

Of course, actions always speak louder than words. Love it when I go into that arena and blow the competition away in barrel racing, or gaming ...... while being the only one sporting a helmet. That shuts people up in a hurry.

I do agree that showing this rude person pictures or telling them stories will probably NOT change their opinion of helmets, if they are already so ignorant of personal respect. So don't waste your time on them.

As far as my personal story with helmets, I don't have any pictures to show. My grandma bought all of the grandkids helmets when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I am going to be 27 in a few months. I have always ridden with my helmet. Sure, when I was younger, I whined about it and hated it. But now, I wouldn't imagine getting on a horse without one.

I think it was 3 or 4 summers ago, I was riding a 3-yr-old mare that I was training. She was one my favorites I ever trained. Just the sweetest thing and so pleasant to ride and be around. One evening we were loping easy circles, and I vaguely remember she was stiff to the left. She I was bumping her with my reins and legs to bend him a bit more. The next thing I remember, I am walking home on the gravel road, holding my arm that hurt.

It was just about getting dark outside by the time I walked the 1/2 mile home cross-country. I find my mare eating grass in the ditch next to the other horses, with the reins broke off. My mom comes and asks me, "What happened?" I said I didn't know. She took my horse from me and I went and sat in the house. It took me a good 30 minutes to come back 100% to the world, as I was pretty out of it.

The best we can piece together, she tripped over her own feet and rolled completely over me. Made sense since there was dirt on my saddle horn and cantle, and my right arm hurt, and my left leg hurt. I felt fine the rest of the night, and went to bed (after consulting with my uncle, who is a doctor) and my mom woke me up every 2 hours to make sure I could answer a simple question.

Well the next morning wasn't so great. I couldn't stand for more than 30 seconds without being dizzy and nauseated. We went to the ER and I had a CT scan done. There was no physical brain damage, but I had a nasty Grade 3 Concussion. (To which the stupid doctor lectured me for 30 minutes that if I was a football player, he'd tell me not to play football for 6 weeks, therefore I shouldn't ride my horse for 6 weeks. No connection whatsoever.)

I had my helmet on during the incident.

I can't imagine the damage that would have happened if I wasn't wearing it. Over a freak accident of my horse tripping.

That's certainly enough to make me strap on a helmet all the time.

tinyliny 02-13-2013 01:14 PM

Don't worry if they respect you or not. if you choose to wear a helmet, it is for YOURSELF that you make this choice, not to garner any respect from others. So, if they are making fun of your choice, would it make that choice any less wise?

SouthernTrails 02-13-2013 01:24 PM


Here is a picture of a Helmet after a Horse Riding accident, the rider suffered no serious injuries.

Imagine a picture of someone's Head if no helmet was being worn in the same accident, I would guess it would too ugly to post :wink:


jaydee 02-13-2013 02:42 PM

Beau - That is pretty much what happened to me - I have no memory of it at all but friends with me told me that my horse appeared to trip over something in the long scrubby grass we were riding through and pitched forward throwing me over his shoulder, he jumped over me and caught me on the head - I wasnt wearing a helmet as I thought (a) I was invincible and (b) didnt look so good (well I was younger!!) I was very lucky - it could have been much worse.

tinyliny 02-13-2013 03:15 PM

the ones that were "much worse" aren't here to tell their stories.

updownrider 02-13-2013 05:30 PM

I'm not normally into scare tactics, but I think the most powerful way you can show someone, that is resistant to wearing a helmet, is Courtney King-Dye's youtube video. Courtney was a member of the 2008 US Olympic Dressage team, and then suffered a traumatic brain injury. But I will let her tell her own story.

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