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Copperhead 02-13-2013 12:53 PM

lol Is this real?

tinyliny 02-13-2013 12:57 PM

that's gotta be staged. Like a flash mob type thingy.

Speed Racer 02-13-2013 01:04 PM

Yep, it had to have been staged. There's no way they'd get full frontal shots at just the right time, as well as be situated to catch them from start to finish.

Kayella 02-13-2013 01:04 PM

I could tell it was staged the second she motioned them to be quiet at the beginning. :lol: Cute video, though.

Copperhead 02-13-2013 02:35 PM

Haha I thought so. I rode security at a steeple chase once and no one could get onto the track without 5 mounted security guards going after them.

2BigReds 02-13-2013 04:07 PM

Staged, but quite funny! :-)

Maple 02-13-2013 04:12 PM

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Very much staged, I know a few of the girls involved. It was filmed as an ad for a program called Jockey Eile (eile is another in Irish) which was featured on TG4 - an Irish station.

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