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BlueSpark 02-13-2013 01:39 PM

Standard Breeding Proceedures - Questions
I've seen so many stallion adds with so many different mare care options. I got to thinking, what is the norm? For example, one stallion was hand breeding only, wet mares were double the cost of dry, $150 of the stud fee was a non refundable booking fee, etc.

1) is it standard for wet mares to be double the cost of dry?
2) how often do stallion owners offer pasture breeding?
3) Do most stallion owners have part of the stud fee as a non refundable booking fee?
4) How do most owners deal with a live foal gaurantee? If the mare never foals successfuly dispite rebreeding, does the stallion owner just refund the refunable portion of the stud fee?
5) is the stallion owner expected to grain the mares, or if that is desired do the mare owners provide their own grain?


dbarabians 02-13-2013 02:54 PM

I have one fee. Well really 2. 1,000 for arab mares 500 for non arab mares.
We pasture breed the mares here. They are turned loose with Star in his pasture and then removed after he covers them we breed them every other day while they are in heat.
if you bring your own hay and grain I do not charge a mare care fee.
if you choose to have me feed the mare I charge 5$ a day.
now i do not actively promote my stallion on the market. If I bred more than the 8 outside mares booked this year and all were here at the same time I might have to charge mare care or increase the amount if you have me feed.
if your mare is covered by Star you must have a vet ultrasound that mare within 30 days to comply with the stallion contract.
if your mare fails to produce a colt you can bring that mare or another back . If your mare still has not conceived then you must bring me another mare or provide a statement from a vet that your mare can conceive. Then you get your money back. 100%. Shalom

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