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ElaineLighten 02-14-2013 04:50 AM

Position exercises for the start of every ride?
I've started noticing a dip in my position progress the past few weeks, so was wondering if anyone had any ideas of exercises I can do every time I ride my share (once a week), just to keep that position in check. I also have a lesson once per week, but what we do in the lesson changes, sometimes it's flat, sometimes jumping, sometime position work (although for the past month it's been all about getting the horse going well for you in trot, bending and such).

I was thinking thing like:
- Bringing knees up as high as they can go, then opening at the hip and stretching the leg down
- Taking feet out of the stirrups and swinging the whole leg forwards and backwards a few times
- Stretching arms up one at a time and circling them backwards
- Standing in stirrups at walk, then maybe progressing to trot (standing in my stirrups is seriously my enemy, I just can't balance)

Does anyone have anymore I can add to my list?

Phura 02-14-2013 11:03 AM

I can't find any of my emails with exercises such as this specifically, but here's some links that will help with the muscles that help you with that position. This newsletter gives a lot of good exercises to assist so I'm sure you will find some along the way!

7 Balimo Exercises To Improve Your Balance In The Saddle from Practical Horseman | Equisearch

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