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Fulford15 02-14-2013 12:16 PM

Silly Cat Question..
Well this is kind of a stupid question but it's just been on my mind...:-P

About a year ago I brought my cat (Gabby), to my Mom's to live as my apartement does not allow animals. My Mom has 2 cats already (Mudgey & Grace)... My cat is very loveable and cuddley and "in your face". Grace is a snobby cat, and Mudgey is scared of his own shadow (they are brother & sister, found them under some stairs in a box as kittens)...

I find it funny, after a few months all 3 of the cats get together now, Mudgey has really became affectionate all of a sudden, the past couple weeks he wants nothing to do but be with you. I try and pet Gabby and he bumps her out of the way and bumps you and drools all over you (LOL)... Whats with the sudden change of attitude? He is all of a sudden brave and lovey! Before he wouldn't even come out of his Kitty Tower, now he follows you like a lost puppy, a drooling one at that lol... Could it be my cat has had some kind of confident boost for him?

So cat guru's what do you think? :lol:

Originally, his name was Smudge as he had a black smudge on his head as a kitten, once he turned about 2 it went away so "Mudgey or Mudgen" it is haha!

tinyliny 02-14-2013 12:33 PM

I do think cats get jealous, for sure. we have two, and they mostly fight when one is laying next to me in bed and the other thinks that it's he who should be there right up next to me. Oscar is 15 and Elvis is 7? Oscar has a hard time holding his own, so I tend to help him more. otherwise, try to stay nuetral and give them both lots of love.

JeepnGirl 02-19-2013 11:45 AM

Could be Gabby showed them what you get when your a sweetie pie.
Mudgey and Grace got curious as to what all that petting and kissing stuff was and decided to give it a try.
I had a very abused and starved kitten brought to me one day. I kept him in the bathroom and would just sit there not staring at him. It took him a long time to come out when I was there.
When he was better, weight wise, he was brought into our bedroom. I had another abandoned (by people - not her mom) kitten there too. She is my baby! Wiley and bear hit it off and Bear showed what nice people are good for. Wiley is so sweet and loving with my husband and myself. But when strangers come to the house - they do not even have to come inside, just to the door - Wiley is the first to yell, "Stranger Danger!" and hide.
Bear will usually go find him and bring him back out.

So yeah, I bet Gabby gave your mom kitties a little boost. :)


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