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ilikehorses2 02-15-2013 11:51 AM

Too skinny?
We have been trying to fatten her up. Is she still too skinny? She always rolls just as we go out to get her!:-P

GamingGrrl 02-15-2013 11:54 AM

She is EXTREMELY underweight. You should not be able to see her back bone like that. I suspect that you can see ribs too, but her winter coat is hiding them.

What are you feeding her?
And you should blanket her ASAP, so she doesn't waste energy trying to stay warm.
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lilruffian 02-15-2013 11:55 AM

I would say so. There is an evident "boat" in her back near her withers, where she has not developed any muscle.
Cannot really say about her belly with all that winter fur, but depending on her age and the feed she is getting, it may take a little longer for her to pack on the meat where she needs it to fill in the holes.

themacpack 02-15-2013 11:56 AM

Her coat and the angle do make it hard to judge entirely - but there is visible lack of fill at the topline and seemingly around the tailhead, etc - so, yes, she appears to still be significantly underweight/lacking in muscle tissue. The coat inhibits seeing ribs, how easy are they to feel?
How old is this horse?
When was she last vetted? Teeth last floate? Last FEC done?
What is her current diet?

Corporal 02-15-2013 11:57 AM

You didn't say the age, but if she is elderly, you will not be able to put much weight on her. Younger, skinny horses will have ribs showing, too, even under a winter coat. "Corporal" was a hard keeper, and it was impossible to make him fat. But, I never let his backbone sink this deep. I agree about the blanket.

ilikehorses2 02-15-2013 12:00 PM

That is a photo from a few months ago... I will get a recent one... Her ribs are slowly disapearing.

waresbear 02-15-2013 12:02 PM

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When a horse gets looking like that, it means it has been neglected. Which also indicates dental care and parasite control have been neglected. In order for a horse to properly utilize the food she is now getting to put weight on, she needs the other issues addressed otherwise you are wasting money on feed that she is not absorbing into her body.
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themacpack 02-15-2013 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by ilikehorses2 (Post 1895666)
That is a photo from a few months ago... I will get a recent one... Her ribs are slowly disapearing.

Why post a photo from months ago, that does not reflect the condition of the horse, to ask about the condition of the horse???

GamingGrrl 02-15-2013 12:04 PM

I'm confused. You asked if she's still too skinny but posted an old pic?
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ETA: whoops posted at the same time ^

Elana 02-15-2013 12:50 PM

OP is under 15 according to my filter.

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