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Pulgita 02-16-2013 05:03 PM

Just some bridless riding and tricktraining:)
Hi everyone:)

I'm new here and just wanted to share some videos with you.
It's about my two ponies...

Have a nice Weekend:)

AnalisaParalyzer 02-25-2013 05:45 PM

The laying down stuff in the first one is awesome :) Ive had my miss anne for three years, and she will do ANYTHING. Bravest horse ive ever had, in hand and under saddle. but ask her to bow, or lay down, and shes like "pffff, peasant, no." she'll flip her tail up, turn up her nose, and snort at ya. shes just a proud lil buggar. I wish she'd come down to my level like that :)

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