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jennifer 04-14-2007 01:45 PM

Emu oil Information
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The aborigines of Australia use emu oil for its healing properties.
Testimonials from users and studies by credible sources have awakened people all through the world to this oil's extraordinary attributes. Emu Oil is a complex and primitive oil that is non-toxic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. It is a greaseless odorless oil that moisturises, heals and is an excellent emollient, soothing and softening skin. Adult Emu birds have incredible recuperative abilities from shock and wounds not normally observed in nature.
Emu oil has many beneficial features:
very emollient,
penetrating ( making it a good carrier for other ingredients)
non comedogenic (does not clog pores)
non irritating and hypo allergenic
helps restore skin cells
emulsifies easily with other ingredients
rich in essential fatty acids.
emu oil provides natural alternative pain relief
discourages proud flesh and scar tissue formation
an epithelialiser of wounds and soothes swollen wounds after surgery or for lacerations.
For therapeutic use, topically applied emu oil appears to have anti- inflammatory properties, so it is used in relief of such conditions as arthritis, muscle strain, joint pain, sprains, bruises , burns etc. Besides being a natural anti-inflammatory, Emu Oil mirrors the skins layers. That is why it is able to penetrate the skin so deeply, and will carry other ingredients ie, herbs, deeply through all the layers of skin and muscles. It also enhances the properties of herbs and medicines it is mixed with.
Emu Oil contains high levels of linolenic acid - a substance known to ease joint pain: and oleic acid - a substance that has local anti-inflammatory effect on dermal tissue, and can induce a long lasting state of pain relief in the local area. Emu oil also contains the following beneficial substances:
Vitamin E an anti oxidant and healing agent
Vitamin A a known skin repairer
Terpenes an antiseptic
Sapogens skin softener
For human application, professional sports trainers and players recognize the benefits of emu oil and use it for sprains, pulled muscles, and sore joints. Emu oil has also been proven to thicken the skin of the elderly by as much as 14 percent and is used widely to treat pressure sores.
Instructions for use vary with the problem. Patients with sore muscles, aching joints, pain or inflammation should apply the oil to the affected area three times a day for at least three days to give a fair test.
In the same way that Emu Oil is used by humans to calm and soothe skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, to heal and to remove pain, Emu oil can be applied to our animals to give them relief from their ailments.
Also use on animals for all of the abovementioned conditions, especially effective on shin soreness in racing dogs and horses, and eczema and dry skin and most skin problems.
Emu oil's anti-histamine properties relieve itching on an animal's skin, whether it be flea allegy on dogs, eczema or rainscald and mudfever, soothing and moisturising and conditioning where the skin is dry and flaking, and being rich in Vitamin E and A heals faster where the skin is broken whilst at the same time promoting hair growth, making it ideal for show animals.
Its bacteriostatic properties keep wounds cleaner, minimising the risk of infection and reducing the instance of proud flesh, whilst faster healing and less scarring and accelerated hair growth are all evidenced, benefiting not only show animals, but working animals and, of course, our treasured pets.
Emu oil's proven penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling and inflammation and stiffness and pain in muscle, joint and tendon injuries - and being a fine oil, is ideal for massage on injured, lame and arthritic animals. The equestrian industry, whether it be racing, showing, eventing, jumping, competition or pleasure based, will benefit from Emu Oil and its amazing pain relieving properties.
Emu Oil is versatile, effective and a multi-purpose addition to your animal medicine chest, safe to use on horses, dogs, cats, birds and all our four legged friends.
Take a look at the wonderful healing abilities of emu oil yourself. Beware, some of the photos are a little gory!
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crackrider 04-16-2007 05:57 AM


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