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winchesterDG 02-17-2013 07:10 PM

Yoga for riding?
Does anybody know any good yoga poses or stretches/exercises for strengthening back, core, abs, shoulders, legs?
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Canterklutz 02-18-2013 01:37 AM

Sorry not Yoga but Pilates.

The Original POP Pilates - YouTube

Most of the exercises are for beginners and are pretty fun to do. I just started doing them and am already seeing improvement. :-)

kambrielle 02-24-2013 09:49 PM


I am really passionate about riding and yoga! Have you done any yoga yet? I do a lot of yoga, and I find that the following are great for your back (that's a problem area for me):

Forward folds - sounds really easy and simple, but so helpful for stretching - Yoga Journal - Poses: Forward Bend Poses

Cat/cow - really stretches out your lower back and loosens it up - I try to do this one before riding, at least before I leave the house - Cow Pose

This is a great list for back strengthening: How to Strengthen Your Back with Yoga | Gaiam Life

Actually, instead of sending you a bunch of different links...Here's one place that has lots of poses and explanations that I go to from time to time: Yoga Poses | Basic to Advanced Yoga Poses | Asanas

livelovelaughride 03-06-2013 12:56 AM

My chiro suggested this series of yoga poses, from a company called brushymountain They have yoga series for many sports, but my recommended one was for paddlers. Its two sets of 22 minute yoga in a downloadable format, and inexpensive. I do them both when I have time, or just one a day. Either day, its really helped my core, flexibility, and strength. What I liked about this particular series is they hold the stretches for some time. I am not a fan of flow yoga - flow is too short to gain flexibility.

I will say one thing about all yoga tapes. I wish they (and pilates too) would teach you to use your spine from a neutral position ie no arch and not a flat back. Ok 2 things. I would never do a double leg lift as an exercise, its not a strength building exercise its a test for your back/hip flexor strength. Whenever I heard someone say put your back flattened on the mat, I cringe. We taught that in aerobic classes 25 years ago and now my back is funny shaped - but I digress.

Anyway, just some thoughts. I like the yoga for paddling series. I tried the climbing one, as I used to rock climb, but found it too hard!

Klassic Superstar 03-06-2013 12:58 AM

My trainer does yoga and says its helped her riding so so so much and helpingher sleep better and feeling more relaxed after long stressful days! She loves it! I might start getting into it!

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