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JumpingJiminy 02-18-2013 01:56 AM

Jumping Critique
I've been so bored lately I need something to keep my occupied for a little bit at least, and I'd like to be able to learn something at the same time. Some background information -
Me: I'm 15, I only started riding english about 2-3 months prior to buying Sunny. I've only been jumping for about a year and a half/2 years.
My horse - A 7 year old dark bay gelding by the name of Sunny Serenade, I bought him August 21st, 2011, straight off the track, infact he had raced that same day. I'm the only person who rides him or who has ridden him since his racing career except a trainer who tried him at the track that day(I've since switched trainers). We're now training for jumpers.

I've probably said too much pointless stuff already.

Feel free to critique us both, be as harsh as you like, but try to keep in mind that he's still a bit of a baby.

Sorry, it's late and I'm tired, yet too stupid to go to sleep.
Also: I am aware that he gets strung out sometimes and we're working on how he likes to swap leads in front of the jumps.

MyBoyPuck 02-18-2013 08:23 PM

He looks like a blast! I like your position. You're quiet, hands are in a good spot and you stay centered over him. Since you're doing jumpers, I think you would save a lot of time on course if your work his outside aids a bit to shave some distance off the turns. He seems to blow through the outside aids a bit when going around corners. I get that he's enthusiastic and wants to get to the next fence, but if you get him to that same obstacle using a shorter distance and more impulsion, you'll have a better trip and more controllable horse.

JumpingJiminy 02-18-2013 08:52 PM

He sure is, thanks. I totally agree on the outside aids. He gets in such a rush around the turns that he leans through them pretty bad so we've actually just started working on that since we've started working on harder longer courses (It was super windy that day so we were stuck inside with limited jumps). Thank you for responding. (:

Oxer 02-18-2013 09:53 PM

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I like your boy! His stride is ENORMOUS! I like that even though he's kinda' strung out, and kinda' taking you for a drag, he still manages to have his own eye to the fence, and that you remain perfectly calm, cool, and manage his athleticism and enthusiasm very well! I love your effective use of a light 3 point seat. I think, with him, a half seat would almost leave him too much freedom to haul around. So a light, yet effective 3 point is very appropriate. Have you ever jumped him up before? I'd be interested to know the biggest he's jumped. I think the two of you could be quite the formidable team in the jumper ring!

JumpingJiminy 02-18-2013 11:09 PM

Thank you, and YES, he's got that real long and massive stride if you ask for it.. or sometimes when you don't. xD We never have a problem with making the longer strides that's for sure. But yeah, if there is anything I've learned from him its that I need to trust him. I know he'll jump the jump even if I bury him to it or if I don't get him close enough. If I don't see it and he moves up, then the jump is always better if I just let him do his thing instead of yanking him around. I also agree; I have to be careful with my seat, too far up and we're gone. xD Yet if I fully sit back(which you can kinda see in the video) that when he gets going he's real rough to sit to and I'm not as effective with my hands or focus. As of today I have jumped him over a 3'3 vertical and a 3'9 oxer. He cleared them with ease. We've only done a course up to 2'9. We typically just school about this height in lessons. Taking it slow, letting him figure stuff out.

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