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Koolio 02-18-2013 10:03 AM

NASPA registration
Does anyone know much about the North Americal Sport Pony Association registration and inspection process?

I have a registered half welsh x Hanoverian mare who is coming up 4. I think she is quite showy and typy for a sport pony, and so I am considering having her inspected and registered in the NASPA registry. Right now she is about 13'3 and seems tomhave decent conformtion and movement. There is an inspection clinic coming reasonably close to me in August.

My concern is I have no experience presenting a horse for inspection. I have done some small training shows and shown my Arab gelding in sport horse in hand classes before. My mare is also green broke. Later this spring, my daughter will be taking her to her regular lesson with her current riding coach, but her coach is very active with training and showing larger eventers. I don't think she has the time or interest in helping us prepare for the sport pony inspection. I am also concerned about the over fences portion of the inspection. Although this is without a rider, I wonder at 4, how much she should be free jumping. So far, we have don't done any with her.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to prepare her for inspection. Is it even worthwhile having her inspected? Although she has oretty good bloodlines (both Hano and Welsh) we don't plan on breeding her, but would like to see how she performs in some sport pony events and shows. We purchased her as a project horse that my daughter and I would train and have some fun with as a possible pony eventing prospect.

Suggestions? Advice?


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